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YouTube Educational channels For Preschool

YouTube Educational channels For Preschool


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As parents we want our kids to have the best of everything. In addition, it can seem like we always fall short in some area or another. Education is no different.  However, there are so many opinions about how to get the best education. There is no one way to learn. Not every person learns the same. We cannot put learning into a box.

” Learning can happen anywhere at any time.”

Yes. I let my son watch YouTube. All of these channels I’m going to talk about have educational purposes. Not only can you incorporate them into your activities but you can also use them for new learning ideas.

Learn ABCs and More

Number blocks

These fun little blocks count, add, and subtract. Fun for all ages.

The kiboomers

Fun Pre K channel to learn colors, numbers, shapes, and more. Tons of movement songs too

Super simple play

The super-simple play has Caitie’s classroom and sings along with Tobee. There’s a ton of fun songs and learning involved



“You are the parent. At the end of the day, kids learn through just might look different to us. They are little sponges they soak it up.”


Mother Goose Club

Mother Goose Club is live interaction singing nursery rhymes

The learning station

Filled with movement songs and learning too. Brain Breaks for the classroom… Good for homeschool too.

Chu chu school

Chu chu TV Photo Credit: Chu Chu School

Was developed from chu chu’s preschoolers with math, reading, science and more

Super Supremes

Family superheroes who sing, dance, and exercise.


One of my son’s favorite channels. This channel taught him to sign language. Please/ thank you.   The family who sings, dances, exercises and learns


Fun interactive videos they teach kids songs, colors and much more

5-minute crafts

The name says it all. Easy DIY crafts for the kiddos

Sesame street

Sesame street Photo Credit: Sesame Street

Who doesn’t love sesame street? My son loves Elmo

Looloo kids

Nursery rhymes, colors, learning videos

Kids academy

Inspirational preschool curriculum

Preschool prep company

Letter, shapes, and colors

Netflix JR.

You’ve heard of Netflix now they have something for kids. A learning channel.

Jack Hartman

An educational channel filled with a ton of learning and movement.

Patty Shukla

Patty Shakula Photo Credit: Patty Shukla

Fun interactive songs to get kids moving

Have fun teaching

A website and YouTube channel full of learning fun. Examples of learning tools are the alphabet song, learning the seasons, and the water cycle. Have fun teaching also has a website.

Free school Early Birds

Topics and fun learning for Toddlers

First University Early learning for Toddlers

Learning of all kinds..numbers, shapes colors and more

Teaching 2 and 3-year-olds

I absolutely love this blog I use it a lot for inspiration .. she has a ton of awesome ideas for learning… Being a preschool teacher for over 18 years and all

Walkie Talkie speech

Walkie talkie speech Photo Credit: Kayla Chalko

I use this channel to help my son with speech ..he has autism and speech delay. Kayla breaks everything down so simple, as a result, I am able to implement her teaching to work with my son.

If you want more speech ideas stay tuned!


Disney Jr. Music

Disney has nursery rhymes and more for your littles to enjoy

Finally, Do you have YouTube educational channels absolutely love for learning? Leave them in the comments below! Have any homeschool tips and tricks for preschool? Let me know!


Do you love crafts? Check these out!

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