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Why I rotate My sons toys every week

Why I Rotate My Sons toys every Week and What it has Taught Me

I keep my sons toys in order by what they are. For example, his cars are in a tote, his blocks and stackable toys are in a tote, and his pretend play stuff are in a tote together. Of course, he has more toys than that, for the most part, they all have a purpose and are put together. I look at what he has not played within a while and rotate it every week. If I notice he has not touched a toy the whole week it has been up I might put it up sooner.


Right now my son is really into pretend play so I keep all of his pretend to play toys out no matter what. He loves trying on hats, different clothing, and his backpack. I try to promote creativity throughout the day and open-ended play.

Less is more

I have noticed keeping my son’s toys in rotation and having fewer toys he has played better. Sometimes kids can get overwhelmed with too many choices. I know when I have more than enough choices I get overwhelmed. I give my son choices throughout the day too, he gets upset when I do not let him choose things, he is growing up so fast!

Open-ended play


It leaves room for creativity. There is that word again. Creativity or using their imagination. With pretend play kids can be whatever they want to be. My son likes to dress up like his dad and act like he’s going to work. It is the sweetest thing to watch. What does your child like to pretend to be?

Never gets bored

It switches every week so there is always something new to check out. I have been decluttering the house the last two weeks or so and I have boxed all of my sons baby toys, that was a bittersweet day. After organizing his room and getting all his toys in order, I still find stuff I forgot he had and if I forgot I am sure he forgot too. That is how I switch his toys up get stuff I know he has not played within awhile and it is like Christmas all over again. Most of all my son loves playing with everything we have. What child doesn’t? He loves remotes, tablets, phones.

Stay organized

I have been decluttering like crazy recently. It has been really refreshing getting rid of things that do not serve a purpose. Check out more organizational tips with my post here. Get some baskets or bins to put the kid’s toys in order by type. Get a bookshelf for books and label the bins by categories such as blocks and dolls. It will make life so much easier and save you so much precious time.
No one will miss the clutter and kids really do play better with less. So it will be a win-win for everyone! Comment below. What are some tips you have.. to declutter and make your home livable and accessible for everyone?
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  • Shannon

    I rotate my kid’s toys too! I used to even move them room from room. For example, for a while the train table was downstairs and the toy kitchen was in the living room. Then I moved the train table tote living room and their kitchen to their bedroom. I usually do this every season. With fall coming, it’ll be tie to rotate again. 🤣. For some reason it makes the toys new and exciting again!

    • TheHappyMommy

      It is great! I have noticed such a difference. I get stumped sometimes to what to bring out. Sometimes I just let my son pick what he wants!

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