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Why I let My son Watch Disney and Nick Jr.

Why I let my son watch Disney and Nick Jr

With all this talk about screen time..some parents feel guilty when they have to turn the tv on to get things done. Stop feeling guilty.  In many ways tv can be educational. Even if they watch it on the tablet or phone.

What about kids that are visual learners? Where they need to see how it’s done first before they can pick up that skill? I believe my son is a visual learner.

He learned sign language from a kids song on YouTube…we were trying for months to teach him sign language because of his speech delay..he wouldn’t do it for us.

Struggling to find something that works i typed in baby signs into YouTube and a kids music video popped up. My son loved it..watched everyday. All of a sudden he was signing “more” “please” and “thank you”


Doc mcstuffins teaches

Why I let my Son Watch DIsney and Nick Jr-The Walt Disney World Company

Get a good night’s sleep

Parents know how important sleep just want to play all day and all night. Also kids have a fear they might miss something cool! So when their favorite character talks about rest…they might listen closer.

Take time to rest and relax

When you feel burnt out…it is nice to have quiet time..we know that…kids might get wiped out so it’s a good reminder to have down time for kids too.When you feel burnt out

Get in shape
Keep kids active..who doesn’t love that? Exercise is so it’s good that a show…explains that and makes it into something fun.

Be yourself
We always want to tell our kids to be true to yourself. That is a very important lesson to teach our youngins

Solving problems take time be patient

When problem solving it is easy to get caught up in the length of time it should take..instead we should embrace anything that our children do no matter how many times or how long it takes them to master a skill. Be patient and your kid will learn from example.


Mickey mouse clubhouse teaches

Why I Let My son Watch Disney and Nick JR– The Walt Disney World Company



An important part of growing up is learning colors..colors are important for many reasons…Mickey Mouse is a beloved character loved by many. He teaches all sorts of lessons… my son learned colors very early…mostly I’d like to think it was all me but also help from his pal Mickey.


We need shapes for all sorts of reasons..signs are different shapes and mean different things..certain things fit together certain ways because of their shape.

Problem Solving

There is that word again. Kids learn problem solving early on… They do not stop learning, Problem solving is an important skill when watching Mickey Mouse they will definitely learn problem solving skills.


Puppy Dogs pals

Why I let My son Watch Disney and Nick Jr-The Walt Disney World Company

Importance of helping others

Puppy Pals is the cutest show. It is one of my sons favorite. They go on all these missions to help others especially their owner BoB. He learns that helping others is fun and the right thing to do.


Problem solving

Another show about problem solving .. when the puppies need to find a solution to a problem they work together , so in a lot of ways it talks about teamwork too.

Nick Jr


Paw patrol teaches

Why I let my son watch Disney and Nick Jr-Nickelodeon Company


Paw patrol teaches the importance of friendship and helping out your friends in need.


Problem solving

These puppies solves the town’s problems with the help of their owner.

Working together

It teaches that working together is better than trying to do it on your own.


He watches more Disney than Nickelodeon as you can tell. My son learns something new. I love it because He also gets to  laugh..which is so cute. I grew up on Disney and Nickelodeon.

What shows does your child love? Comment below!


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