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What to Have in your Car at All times when Traveling with Kids

What to Have in Your Car at All times when Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids can be overwhelming. I have been through it all and I have been a Mom for 4 Years(I know technically not all…but it has been a long 4 years and a lot of messes!). Four beautiful, wonderful years traveling with my baby boy. I have under packed I cannot tell you how many times. When my baby was a few months old I did not pack clothes and barely had wipes and he had a bad blow out in the middle of a therapy evaluation. I wanted to cry. I was sleep-deprived, anxious about everything going on and then this happened. Meanwhile, the sweet lady doing my son’s eval was holding him when his diaper leaked all over her. *Mom Fail* I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide. She was so patient and said it’s fine these things happen. I was mortified. I would say this was the last time I forgot to pack important things… if it were true.


This happens and we beat ourselves up over it. Our mind can only hold in some much information and when it is jumping around to the next thing it is easy to forget. I am getting better at writing things down… it helps a lot! Here is a list I hope helps someone who is about to forget something important on their next outing. Happy Travels!

Overly Prepared

I always wanted to be that over-prepared parent, wanted to have Emergency kits all over the house. Be that family that has a Fire evacuation Map and do regular fire drills. I wanted to have a natural disaster kit.  We kind of have some of these things.. not in a designated spot but somewhat prepared.

Emergency kit







Female products

Emergency kit for car

Extra tire

Tire iron

Caution triangles

Paper towels


  • Note: Water and Batteries should not be left in a hot car… They do not last and batteries can explode. Scary.

You never know what will happen when traveling with Kids

Keep extra bags of these things even going to the grocery store..good for spills and messes or when children get sick. All these things are life savers when traveling far distances too.

Extra clothes for kids and you

Hand sanitizer

Wet wipes

Baby wipes

Small trash can

Busy boxes

Extra car charger



Extra jacket



If you have a special needs child you know what I am talking about! Even if you don’t Some of these are for you too!

Special needs bag

When we travel for beach vacations or to see family in other states I make sure I have atleast 2 of everything. Double double check everything. If it’s easier keep a list and check it off as you go. One time I thought I left an extension tube at home and couldn’t find it! I freaked! But I remembered where an extra one was so I was good. ( Found the one I thought I lost later on)

Extra syringes



Extra food

Extra Diapers(or underwear)


Extra water


Comment below and let me know what do you have in your car? Will you be adding any of these to your list?

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