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What to expect when hiring a Pinterest Manager



What to expect when hiring a Pinterest Manager


Pinterest can be a beast when getting started and a bit overwhelming, why not ask for help?   Does the thought of hiring one have you all worked up? You’ve never done that before and you have no idea what to expect or how to get started.


But that’s okay!  Because I know how overwhelming and confusing Pinterest can be.  And I know sometimes you just wish you could hand it all off to someone else.  Someone who knows what she’s doing better than you do.


Hey there!  My name is Kim and I’m a Pinterest Manager!!  Lucky you, right?!?  


I can tell you what you should look for when hiring your first Pinterest Manager, what steps you need to take, what that process will look like, and what to expect when you finally get to work with her!


I can take the confusion out of it all for you! So let’s get started!


What to Look For When Hiring Your Pinterest Manager


Oh, wait!  Let’s back up….are you looking to hire a Pinterest Manager or a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?


Because there is a difference.


What is a Pinterest Manager?


The term ‘Pinterest Manager’ can mean different things to different people. But to me, a Pinterest Manager is someone who assists a person or a business with their Pinterest account.


What does a Pinterest Manager Do?


A Pinterest Manager creates a certain amount of pins and distributes them.  When I manage people’s Pinterest accounts, I distribute between 20-40 pins a day because that’s the recommended amount.  It seems like a lot, I know. But it’s not too hard. If my client has Tailwind or another scheduling tool, then I will use that to distribute their pins.


A manager will also update your boards, add more boards to your account, and do the designing part of it all. She will create pins, boards, and cover boards.


Managers will also keep track of what’s working for you and what’s not. She will do monthly updates on your progress, look at Pinterest analytics and see what’s popular, what’s not, and she will focus on what’s getting clicks.  

What’s not getting clicks will get revamped.


A Pinterest Manager will manage the whole Pinterest account.  


That includes updating it, making sure the pins are being distributed evenly and not in a spammy way.  Basically, a Pinterest Manager just takes care of your Pinterest account for you, so that you can have time to do other things in your business.


I’ve seen some Pinterest Managers also offer coaching services, where they teach you how to manage your own account better.  I offer Voxer Support, which is a form of coaching services. I can answer all of your Pinterest questions and give you advice simply by talking walkie-talkie style through the Voxer App every day!


That way whenever you have a question, you can quickly and immediately ask me!


I’ve also seen some Pinterest Managers offer Pinterest Audits.  This is when they look at your Pinterest profile, see where your strengths are, where your weak points are, and give you advice on what you can do differently, as far as pins, timing, and etc.  They can tell you how to revamp your Pinterest profile and make it look more professional.


I do an audit on my client’s Pinterest profiles before working with them, so that I know what I need to work on, as their manager.


What do Pinterest Virtual Assistants Do?


A Pinterest Virtual Assistant does just the basics – the time-saving parts.  Her job is not to manage your whole Pinterest account, but to do just the things you need her to do to save you some time for more important things in your business.


That might be creating new pins, manually pinning your pins, or maybe scheduling pins on Tailwind or another Pinterest scheduling tool.  


She won’t keep track of analytics or your data for you and she won’t track how well your pins are performing.  She will do only the tasks you need her to do that are so time-consuming for you.


So How Do I Know Which One Is Right For Me?


Well, it really depends on what your goals are for hiring a Pinterest Manager or a VA (Virtual Assistant).  


Do you want to hire one because you simply need someone to take over the basic tasks of Pinterest for you, so that you can work on more important things in your business?  Someone to create and distribute pins, and organize your Pinterest boards? If so, then you really should hire a Pinterest VA.


But if you want to hire someone because you have a specific goal in mind, like growing your email list, driving more traffic to your blog, landing clients or growing your Facebook Group, then you probably want to hire a Pinterest Manager.  A Pinterest Manager can create a strategy to target your goal and can track how well your Pinterest account is doing – if it is working to meet your needs.


Or maybe you want to hire someone because you don’t fully understand Pinterest, and don’t really want to learn about it right now?  Then you are probably okay to hire a Pinterest VA. She will just do the basics of a Pinterest account for you so that you are out there and getting traffic to your blog.


I’m Really Thinking About Hiring a Pinterest Manager, but I’m Not Sure…How Would It Benefit Me and My Business?  


Oh if you even think you should hire a Pinterest Manager, I say go for it!  


Hiring a Pinterest Manager saves you more time in your business.  


It frees up your time so that you don’t have to worry about Pinterest and you can focus on more important things – the things that actually make you money.


Hiring a Pinterest Manager takes that weight off of your shoulders.  She will manage your whole Pinterest account for you. This provides you with more traffic to your blog.  And she will give you updates on how your Pinterest account is performing. She can give you weekly updates, every-other-week updates or monthly updates.  It’s up to you!


Even if you are pretty decent with managing Pinterest, maybe you just want someone else to manage it because you don’t have enough time.  Then you could work together with a Pinterest Virtual Assistant – each of you tackling some of the tasks. Or you could hand it all completely over to a Pinterest Manager.


Pinterest Managers Have More Knowledge and Expertise


Have you been managing your Pinterest account on your own for a while now?  Maybe you realized that you don’t know quite as much about Pinterest as you thought.  


That is another reason why you should hire a Pinterest manager.


They are the experts in the world of Pinterest. He or She knows what works and what doesn’t.  They know what a ‘rich pin’ is, what it takes to ‘go viral’ and what Pinterest strategies can help you target your goals.


You can take the time to learn all of that on your own, of course.  And you can practice your strategy and pinning, but you would be doing it all by trial-and-error.  


Why not hand it over to someone who knows what they are doing and save yourself the time?  Or you could even get coaching, to do your own account better. Getting coaching would be faster than trying to learn by yourself.


Or you could do what one of my clients did – lean on Voxer Support while she was setting up her profile and account! Every time she had a question, she just sent me a quick Voxer message.  I answered back and she got her account set up – the right way – pretty quickly!


Sure beats trying to figure it all out on your own.  😉


Pinterest Managers Will Track Your Analytics


Analytics can be confusing. Your Pinterest Analytics is the data that Pinterest gathers on your account and your pins.  You can use it to measure your pin performance, your follower growth, and how well you are doing on social media. You can also use your analytics to track the traffic going to your blog.  


Pinterest Analytics is used to build your Pinterest strategy. They are important. And if you don’t know how to use them, then you really should learn.  Or you should hire a manager to track your performance for you.


Once your manager has your data, she can make changes to your account and your strategy to increase your performance.  


You, Will, Receive A Return On Your Investment – But Not in a Typical Way


I tell all of my clients that there are no guarantees with Pinterest.  We don’t own Pinterest, and we can’t manipulate it. It’s changing all of the time.  Pinterest is glitchy. There are so many things that can go wrong.


I cannot guarantee that you will see results.  


What I can guarantee, though, is that I’m saving you time.  


And you can turn around and use that free time to work on the parts of your business that bring in higher profits for you.  You might pay me $300 a month for Pinterest, but you might make an extra $2,000 a month because you didn’t have to take care of Pinterest.  Instead, you were able to do the things that make you money.


Pinterest has its own quirky little algorithms.  Sometimes it feels like it has a mind of its own.  We don’t control it!


But I tell my clients that I can do all of the things that I know have been successful for other people.  And right now, Pinterest is Number One for traffic.  Knowing everything I know about it, and the success I’ve seen it do first-hand, I tell people to invest their time and money on Pinterest.  


All of my clients have been very pleased with their Return On Investment (ROI), time-wise.  They’ve gotten so much done, without having to worry about Pinterest, and that really helped their business grow.  They saw a lot of traffic coming from Pinterest.


You have to keep in mind, though, that it takes about six months to see changes in traffic to your blog from Pinterest.  


When I asked Pinterest about their own data timeline, they said it takes three days for analytics to see a change, but it can take longer for us to be able to see it – usually about a week.  


So I say don’t follow your analytics every week!  It’s not accurate. If you pay attention to your analytics, just compare the first week of the month to the last week of the month, because it takes so long for everything to update.


Okay, You Convinced Me!  I’m Going To Hire A Pinterest Manager!  Now What?


What Steps You Need To Take To Hire Your First Pinterest Manager


Awesome!  I really don’t think you will regret it.



  • So The First Thing You Need to Do is To Get a Clear Understanding of Your Goals



What are your goals for your business?  How is Pinterest going to help you reach those goals?  What do you need from Pinterest?


Do you want to grow your facebook group or email list?  Are you trying to gain traffic to your blog? What do you want to happen with all of that traffic?  


You should have your business plan all ready to go.  You should have a very clear understanding of your business goals.  And although goals do change from time to time, the basic underlying goal should always be the same.  


If you keep changing things, it trips up the person trying to help you.  If you are all over the place, it’s confusing and frustrating to your Pinterest Manager.  You have to be crystal clear.


You have to know your why.



  • Next, You Need To Decide What it is That You Want Her to Work On



You need to consider your business needs, your business goals, and how much time you can put into Pinterest.  Do you want your manager to handle everything or just some of the things?


You need to think about what you want from your manager and consider what packages she offers.  


Do you need basic services, such as pin design, cover boards, organization, and pin distribution?  Or do you need a Pinterest strategy? Analytics and performance management? Coaching services? An audit?  


How much time, work and energy do you want to put into your Pinterest account? Which tasks are important to you? What do you want to do yourself and what do you need her to do for you?



  • Then You Need To Decide On What Kind Of Skill Level You Need



Basically, she just needs to know more than you do.  


Is that okay with you, that she just knows a little bit more than you do? And can do Pinterest just a bit better than you can?


Or do you need a Pinterest Manager who is at a very skilled or professional level?  


It depends on what you need your manager to do, and how much you are willing to pay. There are Pinterest Managers at many different levels of expertise.  Some are just getting started out, some have been in the game for a while, and some are specialists. You need to think about your needs and match your needs to the skill level needed to meet your needs.



  • Decide On Your Budget



Once you know what you need your Pinterest Manager to do and what skills you need her to possess, you can decide on your budget.  How much can your business afford to spend on Pinterest Management? Expert Pinterest Managers will cost more than those just getting started.  


You need to find where the skill level, your budget, and your needs all intersect.  The Pinterest Manager at that point will be the one you should hire.


Most Pinterest Managers cost between $300 and $500 a month.  So be prepared to pay somewhere in that range. More, if you are looking for expert-level management.  Less if you just need someone who knows slightly more than you do.



  • Once You Have All Of THAT Figured Out, It’s Time To Find Your Pinterest Manager



How do you do that?


By going online, silly!  You can google search Pinterest Managers.

Or, better yet, you can go on to Pinterest to search Pinterest Managers!


One of the best ways to find a Pinterest Manager is to ask for recommendations in the FaceBook Groups that you belong to.  Make a list of who is recommended and then check them out.


Go to their website, their FaceBook page, and, of course, their Pinterest profile.  


Okay, I Found A Manager That Looks Promising.  Now What?


After you’ve done your research, reach out to her!

Keyboard Description reads What to expect when hiring a Pinterest Manager


What the Hiring Process Looks Like



Get On A Call With Her



Use her website, social media or email address to get in touch with her.  Once you do, you want to get on a call with her.


You need to walk her through your business.  What are you doing? What have you done in the past?  What’s working? What’s frustrating you? Go through your whole business.


Go over your business goals.  What’s the main focus in your business?  How do you hope Pinterest can help you reach these goals?  


Then ask your questions about Pinterest.  Test her knowledge. Does she really sound like she knows what she’s talking about?


If so, then tell her what you are looking for in a Pinterest Manager.  What do you want her to work on? What do you want to see from her?


Finally, discuss how long you think you need to work with her.  Most Pinterest Managers advise six months, because it takes at least six months before you see any real traffic from Pinterest.


But your needs may be less or greater, depending on your business goals.  



Before The Call…



After you had reached out to your prospective Pinterest Manager, your Pinterest Manager will have done some research on you. She will have completed a few things before talking to you on that first phone call.


Your manager has looked at your Pinterest profile before hopping on that call with you. She may even have checked out your website or your business page.


So when you are on that call, your prospective manager may walk you through what she saw on your profile. She may share what needs to be fixed and what was really good.


She will also need to discuss branding with you.  So she will ask you a lot of questions related to your brand.  


Then she will give you pin samples.


So I Talked to Her and Really Liked Her….Now What?


What To Expect When Working With Your First Pinterest Manager


First, she’ll make sure she has all of your Pinterest Account information.  She needs your login, your user name, and etc. She also needs your branding identity and any pin templates you may have.


Next, you need to be very clear about what you expect from her. She is going to draw up a contract, and you want to be sure you get what you need in writing. So be crystal clear on your expectations, goals, and needs.


After that, you will discuss her rates and her packages.  Choose the services you need from the packages she offers and the rates you can afford.  If you have a special request, then ask! She will probably be willing to discuss special projects or rates.


Finally, she’ll send you an invoice and a contract.  She won’t work with you until you have signed the contract and paid the invoice.  So be sure to look through the contract really well.


Make sure it says everything you need it to say because if there is any trouble down the road, you will need to fall back on your agreed upon contract.


Yay!  I Signed On With A Pinterest Manager!!  Now, What Can I Expect?


Congratulations!!  I bet you are thrilled – and relieved!  Finally, you have someone to take over Pinterest for you! Or at the very least, take over some of it.


At this point, a lot of my clients are super happy to just hand stuff over to me.  They tell me, “Here, I trust you – take over for me.” And I do!


I had one client who told me just that.  “Do whatever you think needs to be done, Kim, I totally trust you.”  And so I did! And she was extremely happy. She didn’t worry about Pinterest at all – she was finishing up a big project for her business.  


And her website’s traffic exploded.


My clients just want the freedom and flexibility to work on other things. They are just so happy to have their time back.  I do keep them in the loop, though.


Because once you are working with a Pinterest Manager, your job is not done.  It is still your business, your account, and your website. You still have things to do!


The most important being constant communication


You need to continuously be in contact with your manager.  Make those weekly or monthly meetings a priority. Don’t be afraid to send emails, text messages, or pick up a phone.  Discuss any new needs with her immediately. Talk about her work and her progress. Let her know when she has met your expectations and when you need a little more from her.


And Be Sure to Set Some Boundaries


You need to build a relationship together, as professionals, but you still need to have boundaries.  Your Pinterest Manager will have her own set of boundaries, and you should too.


Respect each other and be kind. Be courteous.  If disagreements or issues come up, work it out together, professionally. The two of you are a team and want the same thing – your final goal to be reached.  


Be sure your contract outlines any specific boundaries that you do not want to be crossed.  For example, if there are certain times you will accept calls or certain deadlines you need your manager to meet, these need to be clear in the contract.


You should also be sure something is in the contract about how to handle any disagreements.  That way you can fall back on your contract if you need to. What should you do if you don’t agree with how she is doing something? What should she do if she is confused by what you are asking?


Some Common Questions About Working With a Pinterest Manager:

Will she use my brand identity or create her own?


Yes, your Pinterest Manager needs to capture your brand and your identity for your audience.  But your pins don’t always have to match your brand. You need to have either your blog address or your logo on there, but your colors don’t always have to match your brand colors.  You can play around with it and see what gets clicks.


Can we work on my Pinterest account together?


Yes, you can work together.  You are building a relationship with someone.  You can do it, however, y’all want to do it. If there’s any funny business from either party, you can be like, ‘hey, read your contract’.  


How you work together depends on your style, her style, what she’s offering and what you all want.  That is what it boils down to.


Is her word or recommendations final?


She is a Pinterest Manager because she knows a lot about Pinterest.  A Pinterest VA listens to her client; the client tells her what to do and when to do it.


But a Pinterest Manager takes over.  A Pinterest Manager looks at it like, ‘I’m doing it this way because this is what works,’.  But you still have to come to an agreement on what you want.


A Pinterest Manager wants her clients to trust her word and to trust what she knows.


But if there are problems, work it out.  You have to be on the same page. Have open discussions and refer back to your contract.  


And if it doesn’t work, find a new Pinterest Manager that you are more compatible with.


What if I like her pins, but not her strategy, or love her strategy but don’t like her pin design?


It’s not about you or your manager when it comes to making pins – it’s about what your customers want.  It’s about what’s working and what’s not. We have to look at the big picture – what is getting clicked on and what’s not.


You have to think of your client, and who you are trying to appeal to.  If you are trying to appeal to moms, you are going to have pins of kids and kid’s activities.


Your pin isn’t about you, per se.  Yeah, you can implement your brand and stuff, your personality, but it comes down to your client and what’s going to appeal to them.  You are appealing to your audience. You Pinterest Manager is appealing to your audience.


And if you don’t like her strategy, you need to talk to her, find out why she is using that strategy.  It might have something to do with analytics and your goals. Find out her reason before you tell her not to do it.


She is going to use the strategy that she knows will best meet your goals.


What if I need to end the arrangement?


Then refer back to your contract and what is written in there about terminating your contract.  


And that’s really everything you need to know about hiring a Pinterest Manager! It’s not very hard and can be a lot of fun if you get the right one!  


If you have any questions I didn’t answer, leave them in the comments below.  

You can also join my private Facebook Group – Pinterest Tips for Mompreneurs!  This group is here to challenge you and to keep you accountable with Pinterest!  You will get tips and tricks for managing your Pinterest account too.


Click here to join!!


Key Take Aways


  1. Constant communication is important
  2. Build a relationship with your Pinterest Manager
  3. Talk to her, share your business with her, and be sure she has a clear picture of what it is you want her to do
  4. Maintain good, professional boundaries
  5. You must sign the contract and send payment before your Pinterest Manager will begin working with you
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