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Tips On Surviving The NICU From A NICU Mom

Tips for new Nicu Moms


My son was in the Nicu 5 months. It was really hard. He had multiple surgeries and I didn’t get to hold him as much as I wanted to because of recovery time and other issues that happened while he was there. The struggle is real, I get it. I am going to give you some tips and I hope they help you.


Bond with your baby by talking

I used to read to my Pumpchkin(Munchkin/Pumpkin) my husband and I made it up) everyday almost. They had a library in the children’s hospital that I could go check out books. It made me feel like I was connecting with him even when I couldn’t hold him. I got a recorder and recorded my voice so on days I couldn’t be there.

Tip # 1 read to your baby, talk to them often.

Record your voice, record you singing or telling a story.


Hold your baby as much as possible


They have baby buddies at the hospital when parents can’t be there. They hold the babies, it is good for them it has been proven that babies that are held often grow and develop faster. It would break my heart when I couldn’t hold my son. When I did hold him I was terrified because he was always hooked up to something, always scared I would hurt him. I still held him though and loved every moment of it.


Tip #2 hold your baby as much as you can. You and your baby will be happier during those cuddle times.


Visit as often as you can. He is my first child so I was up there every single day. I know some people can’t see their baby everyday and I know that’s hard. When I couldn’t be up at the hospital I called as much as I could.


Tip #3 visit as often and as long as you can. Call often. 


Create a support system

Not everyone can relate to what you’re going through and that can be tough. Find support groups, try Facebook or ask someone if there is some in your community. You do not have to go through it alone talk about it. I cried a lot. I had my mom and husband to lean on.


#4 have a support system or create your own


Take Care of Yourself


Your baby needs you more than ever. If you get sick you can’t visit your bundle of joy. Find time to take care of Yourself. Remember to eat and drink especially if breastfeeding and pumping. A healthy mommy is a happy mommy!


#5 take care of Yourself

I hope you find these tips helpful. Remember to breathe and remind yourself it will be ok. This too shall pass and you and your baby will be home before you know it. If you need more help check out transitioning baby from hospital to home.

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Are you a NICU  Mom? Comment Below and tell me what has helped you? Or Email me I would love to hear your story! Stay Strong Momma!



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