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Time Management Tips To get Things Done

Time Management Tips
time management is important if you want to reach your goals. Have you ever felt like there is just not enough time in the day for your to-do list?  I know I have. The truth is everyone has 24 hours in a day. Unfortunately, you cannot freeze time or make more of it. What you can do is prioritize your to-do list with what time you do have.

Goal Setting

Time Management
Do you have a planner you absolutely love? If not there are a ton of printable planners to choose from.
If handwritten to-do lists are not your thing, there are apps you can use. I use google keep and google tasks. You can cross things out, set reminders, google keep has different colors if you’re into color-coding.
Setting goals is a crucial step when planning your time. Knowing what your main focus should be can really help out with managing your time efficiently.


Time Management

Plan your time wisely. If you need to rush off in be somewhere in thirty minutes do not try and do a task you know is going to take you an hour to finish. I know it is hard to stick to a plan with kids, work, housework,  and spouse.

Break up your time. Do 25 minutes on one task and then take a break to do something else or take a break! That would be nice right?


Time Management

Oh to be motivated this day in age! distractions, distractions, distractions! They are everywhere, from social media in the palm of your hand and the internet to look up cat videos and how to crochet. What was I doing again? Oh Yeah! Motivation is the key to getting anything done. You have to stay motivated! But how?

Give yourself some chocolate and a pat on the back and say you got this! Just do it! Is this task important to you? why? Can you answer honestly? If it is not important to you and it will not better your life why waste time on it? I know a lot of questions to answer. Remember you got this!


Time Managment

Productivity is the process of getting things done. Stating the obvious, now how do we get more things done efficiently?  Do your easiest tasks first. Whatever that may be like answering emails, putting some laundry on, taking the trash out. Do the small tasks first and get them out of the way,  so you can focus on the bigger things like chasing little kids around or keeping them occupied for some time so you can tackle those dishes in the sink.

  • Plan out your day the night before or if your an overachiever plan out your week on the weekend.
  • Balance out your day. You can get burnt out pretty quickly if you have no plan and no breaks.
  • Find time for family and unwind with a movie or a board game.


Time Management

You are what makes or breaks what you do. You first have to ask yourself is this really important to me? Why am I doing this? Will this task benefit me in some way? If you answered yes to any of those questions, what is holding you back? unmotivated? Don’t know where to begin? Start somewhere. It does not matter just start it. Whether your goal is to eat right, or exercise, or spend more time with your family, or detox from social media. Just start it. Your goals begin with you. There are a ton of strategies for different things on the internet and if you can not find any there.. ask friends and family for advice or come up with your own.

Start by being patient – it will all get done in time no need to be superwoman all the time

 Be willing to take those extra steps to get what you’re after. Need to workout but feel like you have no time? Dance in your living room, Get up a little earlier to run.

Learn to control those nagging negative thoughts– Repeat I can do this!

Understand your why? Why am I doing this task, what is the purpose?

Take your time, I know its cliche but Rome was not built in a day. Whether it be work or family-related do not rush through it. Time is so precious use it wisely.

Lastly never stop improving, you might get really good at something but there is always room for improvement. Never stop learning or doing.

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