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Productivity does not have to be hard… Production= efficiently.

Working from home has many challenges but with all challenges, there are solutions to overcome them. Today we are going to cover some Productivity Hacks to keep you going while working from home.

Here are Eight Lovely Ladies with Productivity Hacks … Check them out!

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Angela Tempest

Skylark Virtual Services

It can be hard to be productive when procrastination is creeping up on you. It is easy to talk ourselves out of something.  Angela talks about social media and Pinterest tips. Check her out!

Beth Ann

The life of a navy nuke wife

Beth Ann is a mom of 3 and a Navy wife. She blogs about parenting and anxiety. Check her post out ” Stop being so tired everyday.


A Pen and a Purpose

Marlena is a licensed psychologist with a Masters in Business. She writes about self-improvement, Self Care… “Solving the Procrastination Puzzle to get things done.


Home After Three

Jenny is a mom of three. She blogs about organization and declutter.. Check her out! “10 time management tips for busy moms.”


may virtual assists

Joanna has two boys, she is a Virtual Assistant and Blogger. ” How to maximize Productivity as a WAHM



Diane Blogs about how to work from home ” How to do remote jobs from home  successfully and stay motivated.”



Laura helps Boss babes create amazing businesses. Ready to learn more?  “How to become an Insanely Productive blogger.


The Joyous Family

Tanya has 2 boys and writes about Faith, Family, and Recovery. Her Post ” Instant Gratification Monkey Resolving Procrastination.”

I feel like Time management and productivity go hand in hand. You can not have one without the other. Multi-tasking is not the same thing as being productive, but using your time wisely and on what really matters is being productive. See the difference?

Productivity Hacks you can try right now! #productivity #getstuffdone #WAHM


  • Get rid of Procrastination first
  • Productivity and Time management go hand in hand
  • Make whatever you are doing or not doing a game
  • Plan ahead to make the most of your time
  • Write it down
  • Distractions are the number one cause of not getting things done (who knew)? and Children

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Tell me some of the ways you stay Productive?

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