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Summer Activities For Everyone to Enjoy

Ultimate Summer Activities for the whole family to enjoy! There might be traveling and mess involved but hey it’s finally summer! Time to have some fun am I right?

Places to visit

ultimate Summer activities to enjoy this summer!


U pick flowers

Ultimate Summer

There are flower farms, where you can go and pick flowers, as many as you want. I am not sure how much it cost. See if you have a flower farm in your area. Sounds like a lot of fun if you love flowers and getting the kids out of the house!



Strawberry patches

Ultimate Summer

Visit your local strawberry patch and pick some strawberries! You get yummy fruit and the kids will have something to do and eat!


Visit the zoo

Ultimate Summer
Take a trip to the zoo and make a game of how many animals you can spot. Or just enjoy the scenery.



Visit the beach

Ultimate Summer

Take a vacation to the beach or if you do not live that far from a beach take a mini vacation. Enjoy the sun and sand, have fun playing and making sandcastles. A fun-filled day that could wear the kiddos out.


Visit your local library

Ultimate summer
Cool off with a good book at your local library. Take a break from all that water and sun and curl up with a good book. have the kiddos pick their favorites and take turns reading to each other.



Visit splash pad

Run through some water at your local splash pad.



Visit all the local ice cream shops


See how many ice cream shops are in your area and try to visit them all in one summer. You might be surprised at what you might find. You might just find your favorite and some new flavors.

DIY projects

Create busy boards

The sky is the limit when it comes to busy boards you can add whatever you’d like!

8 minutes into the video
DIY Sensory Board: Credit: Cullen & Katie (youtube channel)



Busy bags

Create busy bags. filled with fun activities to keep the kiddos occupied for hours. There are a ton of small games and puzzle you can find at the dollar store to help with some of the activities!

Pop paint balloons

get a big canvas and set it up in the yard. it will get messy.
buy some balloons and some tempera paint. and some darts.
By the end, you will have created a cool master Piece. You could probably get all of the stuff listed at Walmart.

Create moon sand

you can play with the recipe.. there are a few versions of this out there. you can add more or less.

  • 3 cups Flour
  • 1/2 cup Baby Oil



DIY Foam Paint

Foam Paint Tutorial: Credit Toy Caboodle

    • Two 4 oz. bottles of WASHABLE school glue
    • 1 cup white flour
    • 4-5 cups plain white shaving foam
    • food coloring drops
    • 1-gallon plastic zipper bag
    • sandwich-sized plastic zipper bags – 1 per food coloring
  • scissors

Kitchen creations

Have some fun in the kitchen with these simple No-bake Recipes.
No bake recipes. Fun for the kiddos.

No Bake Smores Recipe Credit: The Spruce

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Bars Credit: Pillsbury

Chocolate Coconut SliceCredit:

Cranberry Granola Cookies Credit: Betty Crocker

Chocolate Oatmeal dropsCredit: Betty Crocker

Sun Butter Mousse Credit: (Allergy free)

chocolate chip cookie dough bars Credit:

Water play


Ultimate summer

Have some good old fashioned fun while running through sprinklers.

Water balloons

Ultimate Summer

Collect some water balloons and have a water balloon fight!

Big bubble making

You can use a baby pool and hula hoop as well.
8 0z dawn dish detergent
1 tbsp guar gum
1 tbsp baking soda
16 cups of water
Cotton string or rope
2 sticks
Whatsupmoms: YouTube channel


Water slide
Camping tarp

  • Camping tarp
  • shampoo or soap
  • Water

DIY water slide made easy!

Water table ideas

Photo credit: step2 splish splash seas table

Pour station
Get a pitcher and some cups or jars and add some bubbles or colored water and let the pouring begin!


Beach theme
Get some sea creatures some sand and water, add some seashells and BOOM! beach water play!


Colorful theme
Add some colorful things like bowls and shovels, flowers, food coloring


Bubble play
Add some dish soap or shampoo and make some bubbles. Fun for hours!


Foam play

Dawn dishwashing liquid
whip it up until its nice a foamy
add some watercolors or food coloring. (food coloring will stain clothes and hands)

Yard games

Ultimate Summer

Spray chalk
You can get spray chalk at Walmart. Super fun! you can create hopscotch, or twister, an obstacle chalk course.


Egg race
Get an egg and a spoon and see who can race to the end of the yard without dropping the egg.


Red light green light
Old fashioned red light green light, pick some games from your childhood and show your kiddos how much fun they are!

Capture the flag
create some flags and put them on your waste for some old fashion football game!

House play

Ultimate Summer


Dance party
Put on your kiddos favorite songs and have a dance party. turn the lights out and add some glow sticks!


Create art projects
Tissue transfer art credit: itsalwaysautumn

Tile art credit: itsalwaysautumn (Requires supervision)



Build a fort
Pick a place in the house that has a bed… chairs or banister to hang lights or blankets. Be creative. Forts are so much fun. Tents are fun too.



Create an obstacle course
Baby Pools
Plastic balls
Pool Noodles
Slip n slide
Example: DIY Obstacle Course
Credit: Meaningful Mama


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed these activities. Let me know below what ideas you try with your family during summer! Enjoy your summer!

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