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Six Halloween Traditions To Start Now

Six Halloween Traditions To Start Now

Halloween does not have to be all about candy and costumes it can be about fun and making more memories. Of course, getting sweets and dressing up is the best part! Just like any holiday you and your family might have a Halloween tradition in place already.

Go to a haunted house, Trick or treat at the mall, or Trunk or treat.
Whatever you’re in to try these out you might find another tradition to try or add it to the list of traditions you have.


Create your own cute candy bags



Do you have a knack for sewing? you could turn some Halloween fabric into a cool trick or treat bag. Or you could buy plain bags and decorate them how you want for Halloween.

Make these cute bags out of old t-shirts and decorate them for Halloween here is the Video Credit: Whatsupmoms with instructions.

Decorate a plain pillowcase or your own bucket

Pinterest has a lot of inspiration. Decorate your own blank pillowcase or plain bucket. You can get really creative with your kids doing this project. Use glitter and paint, It is a bit messy but so much fun!

Pick out pumpkins to decorate



Instead of just carving a pumpkin and sticking a candle in it. Get creative. Paint your pumpkin, Have rainbow pumpkin or purple pumpkin. Draw characters on your pumpkin or you can get stickers to decorate it. Creativity is so good for kids the more creative the better. Let them pick their pumpkin and decorate it how they want.

Create a Halloween playlist


Who does not love the classics like the monster mash? Have your child pick a favorite halloween song and go around the room asking everyone to pick their favorites and before you know it you have a playlist of Halloween songs to dance to! How Fun!

Find new ways to decorate around the house


Make some garland out of string and paper and make it festive for Halloween. You can do circles, bats, cats, or pumpkins. make it fun! Or you can have the garland spell out words like BOO!

Just like Christmas, we have Christmas trees. Some people decorate trees for Halloween too! how cool is that? Get a little tree or make your own and create ghosts and monster ornaments!

Have fun creating new recipes


Allrecipes has a ton of awesome Halloween recipes to try with the kids! here are a few examples
Dirt Cake

This Recipe calls for Oreos and gummy worms, such a classic!

Candy Corn Bark

This Recipe is super simple and looks like a lot of fun, eating and making it!

Do some crafts

Crafts are fun any time of year. Why not celebrate Halloween with these festive crafts. The kids can help decorate the house with their creative artwork.

Bat Crafts


Here is a template. Bat crafts can be super creative. Add some glitter, make some glitter bats.

Papercraft bat


hole punch 

Ghost Crafts

make some cute ghost crafts. here is a template. Or you could draw your own.


hole punch 

Monster Crafts



Toilet paper rolls 

googly eyes

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I hope you Enjoy your holiday! Please be safe. Comment below and share some of your traditions for Halloween. I love baking cookies for almost every holiday. One year I made a haunted house shaped cake!

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