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Back To School DIY Crafts

Its back to school time. I bet some of you are happy about your kids going back to school. I hope everyone had a fun safe summer. My son is 2 and a half so we had some fun days in the water and trying to stay cool.

With all this back to school talk going on, this does not mean you can’t still make memories before the busy days and nights start. Craft time is a such a fun time to all get together, it may get messy but the memories you make are worth it.

Here are some fun simple crafts to get the kids excited about back to school.


Pencil name template

back to school

A freebie that you can cut out and customize how you like. Kids can draw their name or decorate it however they choose.

DIY notebook

back to school

You can use a cereal box or any type of food box really… I used an ice cream box.


Cut 2 sides

Fold them if the box is big

Get some paper that fits

Decorate the box… I like the design tape

You can tie yarn around it to hold it together

Chalk Photo Prop

How cute are photo props? I just love them. This one is super cute and easy to do. Making memories and keepsakes with your children is the best am I right?

back to school

Crayola chalk

Wooden letters

Mod podge


Laser cut frame

Glue the chalk around the frame and write what you’d like.. Example.. Name.. Grade..back to school.

Lace paper Apple

back to school

A Simple school craft. Printable apple cut around the apple and use yarn or ribbon to lace through it!

Back to school wreath

back to school

Fun activity for the kids. Have them make a wreath out of things that remind them if school. Heres a template to get you started. Or if you do not want to spend time drawing and cutting. Use canva for fun illustrations to make your wreath!





Paper plates



These crafts are easy to do at home but are awesome for the classroom as well. So if your a teacher or teach at home, these simple cute crafts are loads of fun!

I hope you enjoy these last few weeks of summer. Summer might not be over for some but here in Georgia School starts back early. What is your favorite craft? Do you have more suggestions on back to school crafts? I would love to hear them! comment below and let me know!

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