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Rewards & Appreciation (Ideas for rewarding children for good deeds)

Tips and ideas on rewarding kids for doing their chores

There are so many reward systems out there what best suits you and your kiddos? Life skills are important to learn no matter what but it is ok to get rewarded while learning. That’s what you should ask yourself; ask what type of reward system will work? Also, you must keep in mind the ages of your kid. As they grow, giving your little one jelly beans for putting stuff away might not work anymore.

Ages 3-5

At this age they can do simple tasks. Like pick up their toys and put clothes away.
Examples of rewards

Give them a treat like ice cream or a piece of candy.
Create a sticker chart
Let them choose a family movie
Give them money to put in their piggy bank like 25 cents

Let them choose their reward every once in awhile. Like pizza for dinner or a new toy.
It is ok to keep the rewards simple.

Ages 6-11
At these ages they can do a little extra around the house. Like help with dishes, pick up after themselves.

Examples of rewards

Treasure box
Pick family activity
Choose a family vacation or weekend event

Ages 12-14

They can help a lot even cook. They can keep their room neat and help with laundry.
Most likely at this age they want allowance and freedom. You can reward them by letting them pick a fun activity to do or let them stay up a little late one night. You can give them extra phone or screen time all kids love that.


Pick a fun activity
Extra screen time
Extra phone time
Extra allowance

Ages 15-18

This age they have a ton of responsibility, they can even hold a job. They want time with their friends, significant other, and they want to drive. You can still reward them for helping around the house. You can take them out to dinner and pay, you can plan a family vacation with them, you could bend the curfew a little, or give them more drive time with of course limits.


Reward them with more drive time

Bend the curfew time a little

Help plan a family vacation

Note: I am not saying give them a choice in rewards if you’ve asked five times and they finally do it. You are a parent you decide. You could create a chore chart and have them spin to do big tasks on certain days. I am just saying if you see your kid doing a good job and even if you had to remind them but only once and they gave you no lip for it, then you can say thank you for listening and doing what I asked I appreciate it. Small compliments can go a long way.

It is ok to keep rewards simple, even just saying thank you can go a long way. As adults when we hear that we are doing a good job it makes us work harder and better right? The same goes for kids you might not have to ask as much or often if they know they are being appreciated. I hope you enjoyed these tips. Let me know what your family does to show appreciation when they help around the home. Can’t wait to hear from you!

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