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How to Organize your Pinterest for Business

Why Your Boards Matter how to stay Organized

Pinterest board organization should be a top priority. Organize Pinterest to the point where your audience has a clear picture of what your business is about. Running a business can get a little overwhelming without plans, organization and a lot of patience the same goes for running a business on Pinterest. You must be in it for the long haul. Trust me it pays off Big!

Your Niche should Reflect in your boards

What do I mean by that? Whatever you are writing about should be on Pinterest. A good example of this is, you write about finance, Organization, and how to get out of debt.

Example of boards you can make are
Organization hacks, Organization Tips, Finance Organization, get out of debt tips, how to get out of debt.
These are all keywords that people will type into Pinterest to find what they need on those specific topics. Use keywords when filling in your description. Do not just put keywords to make them complete sentences.

Create a board just for your business

If you have a blog for your business, you should. Create a board just for your blog. You can name it the best of and your site name… So, people know that is your personal blog.

Organize your boards


Put all your topics together, Pinterest now lets you organize and rotate your boards. Put all your recipe boards together, or beside each other, put all your business boards together. Make sense? If they were looking for money boards all the money boards would be on the same row. So much easier than scrolling and risk a chance of them leaving because they didn’t find everything on your Pinterest they wanted because every topic was scattered.

How to use Sections

Create sections on Pinterest by clicking the Plus sign at the top of a board. For example, Chicken recipes… you can have your chicken recipes sectioned into BBQ chicken, roasted chicken, baked chicken… see?

Accidently have pins in the wrong place…no problem

Go to edit at the top of a pin and choose a different board to add the pin to and voila!

Descriptions are just as important

Lastly, descriptions should be complete sentences, as a result, people make more sense of your boards and what it is about.  Descriptions should have your keywords in can even add some long tail keywords in there.

Take a ways

∗  Your business should show on your Pinterest Profile
Make sure your boards are organized by category
Create sections for your boards for easy navigation
Descriptions should be a few sentences to tell people what that board is about… add keywords

Let’s get organizing… go organize your boards and let me know how it goes!
Comment below and tell me how you organize your Pinterest?

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