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Today I am talking to five amazing moms who work for themselves and they provide tips on how you can work from home too. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to become your own boss but these ladies prove that it is possible. Have you ever thought about working for yourself? Maybe today after reading how these ladies got started and what keeps them motivated to be their own boss will help you on your journey.


Kristin Watkins Kristin Watkins Homebased

Kristin is a 35 year old with one teenage daughter and a husband of 4 years. She is also a surrogate. She purchased my Sunny Girl Spray Tanning franchise last summer. It is a mobile, certified organic spray tanning company.  She researched many business options and franchises before  finding this opportunity. Once Kristin got more information, she knew this was the company for her. The craziest part about her buying this franchise is that she had never even had a spray tan before. She loves the mission and the product. She loves the business model and after speaking with the owner who founded the company, Kristin had no doubts that she was all in!

For more information, feel free to email her at sunnygirlkristenw@gmail.com.

Allie KiblerAllie Kibler homebased

Allie is a blogger


 She has been married for 5 years and has a 20 month old daughter and 4 year old fur baby. She loves crafts and party planning, being outdoors and spending time with her family. Go check out her site!

Melissa UhlesMelissa Uhles homebased


Check out their  blog!

 Melissa Uhles is the author of three novels , a children’s picture book and co-author of How to Make a Living as a Writer. She’s also co-founder and Partner writer With Amber Roshay for Pen & Parent.

Paige KnottPaige Knott homebased


Go  check her out!

 Paige has been married for almost  7 years.  They have 3 wonderful and crazy little girls. Their life tends to be crazy and busy. Last year, they bought a booth at the Michigan Renaissance Festival and begun their handcrafted wooden toy business, Knotts & Roots. She is a writing coach and a teacher at a local community college. Her husband Tim is a EMT. They  also Homeschool. Paige uses her blog to document and share their story as well as teach other parents how to get the most out of parenting without stressing.  Her mission in life is to raise smart, confident, and compassionate children and help you do the same.

Josie Schreiber



Interview Questions:

What made you want to work for yourself?

“After leaving my last full time job, my husband actually encouraged me to start pursuing a business on my own. I have a degree in Business Management and loads of management experience. I have always wanted to work for myself but never took the plunge until he encouraged me to do it.”  – Kristin

“My mom was a work from home mom. She got to spend her days with my sister and I and then a few nights a week she would do parties for her direct selling company. She always said, “you’ll never make a million dollars working for someone else.” Once my daughter was born, I wanted to spend my time with her but also needed something for me as well. That’s when I launched my blog.” -Allie

“Working for other people for so many years and being a bit of a control freak, made flying solo a natural fit for me.” -Melissa

“I was raised by an entrepreneur mom. She was always on the lookout for the next thing. So, I just kind of grew up with that lifestyle. But when I had kids, it totally cemented my desire to work for myself and eventually to move my husband to working for himself too. We decided to homeschool and specifically unschooling. I know we will need someone home with them to guide them and work on learning. We didn’t want to give up time with our kids to work. We want our kids to work alongside of us and can have the freedom to make our own schedule.” – Paige

“Well, I love the idea of being able to pursue something I genuinely enjoy and being able to stay home with my daughter is a big plus. My daughter is my best friend, we do everything together.” – Josie


What is one thing you wish you knew before you started?

“I knew this but it is something that I believe is very important to remember and sometimes it gets lost. It takes money to make money. You HAVE to market yourself in order to find clients/customers. Advertising, business cards, logo’d gear like shirts, bags and other promotional material relevant to your business are crucial in your success.” – Kristin 

“I wish I had known how much time I would spend working on my blog. I feel like I was a bit naive when it came to the number of hours each week that would end up working.” – Allie

“I write books, blogs and offer freelance services and that’s a lot of writing. I wish I’d known that something that I’ve always loved when done constantly can occasionally feel like a bit of a grind when it’s done on schedule with money in mind.” – Melissa

“The biggest thing I wish I knew from the start was to have confidence and that it does not all have to be perfect to be good. I was so worried about launching our website or having eat toy perfectly painted that it stunted our growth. I had to learn to let go of perfection. Our website is still a mess, but it is working and up. Each toy is unique, and the imperfections add to their charm. I needed the confidence to say “What I have to offer is good.” – Paige

“I wish someone would have told me not to get too overinvested. That was a big mistake I made when I first started and I bit off way more than I could chew. I’m honestly still kind of recovering from it.” -Josie

How did you make it work with juggling a family and a career?

“I am very lucky because my business allows me to have a very flexible schedule. I do often get appointment requests during school pick-up time so I have a few reliable friends and family members that are willing to help when that happens.” -Kristin

“I think this is a constant work in progress. Some days are better than others. I get up earlier than my daughter to work, as well as stay up after she goes to bed to work. Nap time is usually spent split between blog work and house work. I’ve had to automate some processes on my blog so I can free up time to be creative, but it was so helpful when I did.” -Allie

“Good question. I am lucky to have a husband with a good stable job and now my son is in grade school. I work when he’s at school and focus on my family after 3:00 each day.”-Melissa

 “We are still working on this one. I think this is a never-ending struggle. We really work to include our kids as much as possible. Hopefully, the older they get, the more they can help.  It all boils down to one thing: You just have to make it work. It takes time. We work the best when we have routines and schedules.” -Paige

“It’s all about balance. You have to know how to budget your time. Just like a regular job, you NEED to set aside time every day solely for your work and same goes for family time and self-care.”- Josie

Will you talk to your kids about entrepreneurship?

“I will absolutely talk to my daughter and exchange students about entrepreneurship. It is important for them and everyone to have realistic dreams and goals. That is where I would start when having this conversation.” –Kristin

“Absolutely! I’ll probably use my mom’s phrase, too! “You can’t make a million dollars working for someone else.” –Allie

“My son and I do talk about my business. We also watch shows like Shark Tank and The Profit. He recently told me that he and a friend are re-selling the school supplies they have that they don’t want to other kids on the playground, so I guess it’s rubbing off.” – Melissa

“Our kids are still young, but we have talked to them the business a little bit already. This spring we plan to plant a garden and take our products and produce to the local farmers’ market and have them (especially the oldest) sell alongside of us.”- Paige

“Absolutely, however I won’t force it. I’m all about pursuing your wildest dreams and if that happens to be going into business for yourself, then you better believe I’ll be your number one supporter.” –Josie

What advice could you give other moms just starting out or want to start?

“My advice is first to have a support system! As much as we think that we can do it all, sometimes, we can’t. We need the support of our significant others, friends and family in order to be successful. My second words of advice are to be realistic. My husband really wanted me to open a restaurant. Unfortunately, we don’t have the means to do that. Restaurants are expensive to open and maintain. I knew that when I started a business that I absolutely would not do anything that required me to risk my home. Research like crazy to make sure that you know the risks of the business that you are interested in. There are pros and cons to every type of business whether you start from scratch, purchase a franchise, become an affiliate or consultant in a direct sales company or anything in between. You have to choose the business that is best for you and your family.” –Kristin

“It’s a slow process, but it’s so worth it. Don’t get discouraged. And ask for help from others when you need it. There are so many kind people in the world.” -Allie

“I would say focus, build and remember that small consistent bits of work every day add up over time. I finished my first novel by writing for just one hour a day for three months.” –Melissa

“Just get started! Don’t worry about the how yet. Set your goal and take the very next action to achieve it. Maybe this is register a domain name, maybe it is just to free write some ideas down. You don’t need to know the full path to get there, you just need to know the very next step.” -Paige

“Set limits. Don’t over extend yourself and overwork your mind and body. Keep track of deadlines with a planner or other form of writing. That was and still is a lifesaver for me.”- Josie

What gets you motivated?

“I am motivated by the fact that my business helps people feel really good about themselves. I make people feel more beautiful, more confident and they are tanning in the healthiest way possible. I am driven by the need to help people. My business helps me achieve that!” – Kristin

“I think I’m a naturally driven person, so when I start something I don’t stop until it’s been completed. I set daily and weekly goals for myself to keep me on the right track. This is helpful when I veer off course a bit. I’m also motivated by the thought that I could be helping another mama out there. I read blogs all the time and I find them so helpful. I can only hope someone else finds that in my blog.” – Allie

“Working with my writing partner is one of the best motivators. We created our blog Pen and Parent for writer/parents like us. And as a team we also write books and are designing a course for writers. If I don’t do my share of the work, I know it will let her down.” – Melissa

“Caffeine; I am seriously addicted. But in all seriousness, I think I have a lot of internal drive and a desire to achieve my ideal life. It motivates me to think about my goals and working to achieve them. This eye on the long-term life keeps me motivated to keep moving and trying. For a quick boost for my energy level, I like to listen to TedTalks.” – Paige

“Every morning, I wake up and open the door across the hall from my room to a beaming toddler who inspires and motivates me every morning.” – Josie

There you have it folks. Mom bosses creating the life and schedules they want. It is possible to get the life and job you want to create for yourself. It takes hardwork, support from others, motivation, and dedication. Set limits to reach those goals. Do not be afraid to ask for help a long the way. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did! comment below if you have a question or statement. Would love to here from other mom bosses creating their dream life!

Rewards & Appreciation (Ideas for rewarding children for good deeds)

Tips and ideas on rewarding kids for doing their chores

There are so many reward systems out there what best suits you and your kiddos? Life skills are important to learn no matter what but it is ok to get rewarded while learning. That’s what you should ask yourself; ask what type of reward system will work? Also, you must keep in mind the ages of your kid. As they grow, giving your little one jelly beans for putting stuff away might not work anymore.

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How to be A Super Mom by Using Time Chunking

A Super Mom.

super mom

That’s what we are all striving for, right?

We want to give the best of our selves to our children.  

To our spouse.

And our own parents.

Best for our siblings.

And our friends.

Give the Best to our jobs.

And we fall short.  Day in and day out.

Well, no wonder.  Even Super Man had to take a break and just be plain old, normal Clark Kent from time to time.We set a tall order for ourselves as moms, and we will never be able to reach the star of perfect motherhood.But we can still try.The goal is not to be perfect, so much, as it is to give our best in everything we are doing, when we are doing it.

You know those moms who seem to have it all together?The ones who have the cookies done for the bake sale, the permission slips turned in for the field trip, and their son dressed in something other than holey jeans that are too short for picture day?  Their house is always clean, their kids are always well-rounded, and their husband is always supportive.

They aren’t supermom.  

But, then, how do they do it?

By using time chunking.Think about it.When you picture a stressed out, overwhelmed mom, what do you picture?  I see a mom talking on the phone, with a baby on her hip. The doorbell is buzzing, kids are chasing each other through the kitchen, and the spaghetti is boiling over.

She is NOT using time chunking.

Gone are the days of multi-tasking.

Studies have shown that multi-tasking is not necessarily an efficient way to get things done.  When you multi-task, your mind is never fully on the task at hand.  It is split, jumping from task to task and thought to thought.  You never really focus on what you are doing.  Thus, the spaghetti boils over and the doorbell never gets answered.

But if you time chunk, you tackle one thing at a time, and fully concentrate on just that one task.  Your mind never wanders.  You live fully present, in the moment, and when the task is completed, you move on to the next item on your list and give it your all.  It’s a calmer, slightly more-sane way to get stuff done!

Sure, sure, you say.  It’s easy to talk about focusing solely on what you are working on, but I’m a mom.  I can’t just lock little Suzie in her bedroom so that I can stare at the spaghetti while it boils.True.  I believe you.  I am a mom of six.  While I’d love to lock my boys in their room while cooking, I can’t do that either.  But I’m an excellent time-chunker.  And I get a lot done in a day.

I’m no supermom, but here’s how I use Time Chunking to accomplish my to-do list:

Brain Dump Your To-Do List.  

Write it all down.  Then prioritize.  Pick your top three that you need to get done today.  Then choose three to five additional items that are important to get done, if time allows, but can wait until tomorrow if need be.

Assign chunks of time to each task.  

Block out your day.  When are you going to spend time with your kids?  Block that time off and do nothing else – think of nothing else – while you are with your kids. Block off time for bookwork, housecleaning, cooking/baking, your husband – and yourself.  Do your absolute best to focus on nothing else during that allotted time.  Maybe you only have an hour to clean house today.  What are the most important parts of the house that need to be touched?  Focus on them and nothing else.  Enlist your kids as helpers or set them up with a special activity that will occupy their time while you are busy.  Same with cooking.  There are a lot of cool activities your kids can do while you cook, such as use your utensils to cook up some dry cereal.

Make the most of your kid-free/quiet moments.  

Get up before your kids do, utilize nap time, and be sure they go to bed earlier in the evening so that you can get a few things done while they are in bed.  These moments are the best time for you to do the tasks that require a lot of concentration, such as bookwork.  If you work from home, this is also the best time to get your work done.

Schedule your most important tasks first AND for when you are at your best.  

If you are a morning person, use the morning to do the most important tasks or the hardest tasks on your list.  When you are at your best in the afternoon, do your most important tasks then, and find easier, ‘filler” tasks for the morning.  If you peter out towards the end of the day, use that time for tasks that require very little brain power or energy.  But if you are a night owl, utilize the quiet moments after your kids go to bed to get stuff done.  

If you have things that you tend to put off, tackle them right away in the morning, regardless of when you are at your best.  That way you get them done and out of the way, and you can relax the rest of the day.

Set boundaries for your family.  

Your family; your kids, husband and extended family, all need to learn when you are available and when you are off limits.  Now granted, infants and toddlers cannot give mom alone time.  But once your kids hit three, they can start to learn to leave mom alone when she is completing certain tasks. And you need to teach them to do this, not only for you and your efforts to get stuff done, but also for them. They need to learn to respect other people’s quiet/alone time and they need to learn to entertain themselves.  This goes for your spouse and your extended family as well.  

Saturday cleaning is something I grew up with.  It’s important for me to have a clean house.  My family knows that when I am cleaning house, I am unavailable.  However, I had to teach my husband’s family this.  At first, they didn’t understand why I couldn’t go shopping just because I was cleaning my house.  In their mind, I was slighting them – I could easily clean house another day.  But in reality, I was only setting up a boundary.  This was the day I set aside to get it done, and I was getting it done.  

As a mom of six boys, I am often told two things:  “Boy, you sure have your hands full!”  and “Boy, you sure do get a lot done!”And both are true.  I’m no supermom.  But I have, over the years, been forced to learn how to manage my time better.  And here’s my biggest secret:   You have to let some things go.

You simply cannot do it all.  Those items at the bottom of your to-do list – they aren’t priorities.  It’s okay to let them go.   In some cases, you may let them go for a few days.  But in other situations, you may let them go for years.

And that is okay.You’ll get to it – someday.  When your kids are older.And trust me – that happens much sooner than you think.

Shannon Lambert is a freelance writer and mom of six from Northern Minnesota.  She blogs about her experiences at makingmommas.com.  When she is not chasing her boys, she loves to slow things down with a cup of coffee and a good book.



Six Mommy Interviews (From The Mouths of Moms)

The Life of A Mom Told by Real Moms


Mommy Interviews. Being a mom can be hard, overwhelming and stressful. No one told us it was going to be easy, but it is worth it. All the sleepless nights, diaper changes, and spit ups are all worth it. You have this little human that you helped create, they look up to you for everything and the last thing we want to do is let them down. I conducted an interview of six real moms who tell their story of what a mom means to them. One thing we all have in common is we love our children unconditionally.

Mommy Interview

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