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No Stress ways to relax and have Fun for Frugal Moms

Frugal Moms No Stress ways to Relax

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No-stress ways for frugal moms to relax and have fun! that won’t break the bank! how cool does that sound? Stress these days is sky-high can you relate? So here they are… let me know what you think!


1. Learn Yoga


If you are like me and do not like going to gyms or do not have time to sign up for classes, there are a ton of resources you can find online to help you learn yoga without leaving your house. Here are a few examples

Adriene has a ton of videos to get you started on your yoga journey.


yoga Journal has tips and tutorials from expert yoga teachers to get you started. They have their own magazine as well for all your yoga needs.



2. Take a free class


no stress ways to learn and have fun. Why not learn something new it might be fun! Here is a list of places to find free courses with a ton of different topics that might interest you.


Yale offers free courses on Youtube


Lynda offers free courses or you can sign up for a membership and access tons of courses when you want from experts and professionals.

edXFree Online Courses

“Get Creative”

3. Write a letter to your future self or husband


Writing things down is a great way to release all your feelings. Some people even call it soothing. What would you tell your future self about the struggles and worries you have now?

Write it out

Write something fun to release stress by writing to your spouse or significant other. You can reminisce about something funny that happened to you while dating or an awesome night you had. Talking about a happy memory can make you feel a whole lot better and less worried.

4. Frugal Moms Listen to music

headphonesPhoto by Igor Starkov on Unsplash

Why not get your groove on? Whatever your style of music is it can help with stress. I am always listening to music to calm my nerves. Think of that one song that always puts you in a good mood. It can take you to your happy place instantly. Go give it a try!

5. Create a vision board

photoPhoto by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

Think of some goals you want to achieve that year or month. as a result, you can set the tone by adding inspirational quotes. visual effects because you can see it in action.

6. Frugal Moms Read a book

Have you ever read a book where you go hey I would not mind reading that over and over? Read to escape, learn, and have fun.

7. Listen to your favorite podcast

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

Podcasts seem to be all the rage right now. I do not mind them I have checked a few out that I liked. If you like to listen to kudos to you! (it is easier to listen to something than reading it, with a toddler underfoot 😉)

8. Write an E-book

Hey, why not write some more to get your mind off things. You could write short stories or children’s books. Or you could write about something that helps other people.

9. Organize family photos

Have you neglected your photo albums over the years? You do not know what pictures go where?  It would be a fun family project.

  • Create photo books
  • Photo books for family members or yourself can be a fun project.

10. Bake some goodies

no stress when chocolate is involved. Baking puts me in a good mood. I love anything chocolate and I love to learn how to make stuff from scratch.  Something simple like a no-bake cheesecake can put you in a better mood.

11. Learn how to garden

Want to get your hands dirty?  You might like to Garden. There are flowers, vegetables, plants, even trees that you can grow.

12. Take a bubble bath

What frugal mom does not love a nice bubble bath? Nothing like lighting some candles and soaking in the tub. Or putting on some soft music and reading a book. I’m relaxed just thinking about it.

13. Color in a coloring book

Go back to your kindergarten days, sit down and color. They have adult coloring books that are super fun.  Bring your creative side to life, it really

does help with easing your mind for a bit.

” Stay Active”

14. Learn to meditate

I Have tried and tried to learn how to meditate. I just can’t seem to shut off my mind. If you learn can you please teach me?  (haha)

15. Go jogging

For Example, No Stress Frugal Moms Tip is to Jog. I used to jog twice a week, years ago. Listen to music, get in the zone. It really helps clear your mind and you feel good too.

16. Learn how to paint

Photo by Melvin Thambi on Unsplash

I absolutely love the painting by numbers. I cannot paint freestyle, art was never my strong suit.  Finger painting is a lot of fun. Have some wine and go crazy. Youtube is a place you can find a lot of neat stuff to learn.


17. Go for a walk

I know exercising has already been mentioned here.  it is very important and healthy too!


18. Talk to a friend

 It feels good to release all the tension and stressful thoughts.

Talk to someone, decompress.


19. Start a Bullet Journal

What is a Bullet Journal? A Bullet Journal is a fun journal that you can be as creative as you want. There are a ton of ideas on Pinterest to get you started. Journaling is such a relaxing way to de-stress.

20. Do an act of kindness

It feels good to help others right? You feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that you brightened someone else’s day.  It helps me have a better day to help someone else.. It Does not have to be a big gesture it can be as easy as buying lunch for someone or babysitting for a friend.

21. Watch a movie

My favorite past time is binge-watching movies. I would do it all day every day if I could! Sometimes relaxing on the couch is all a mother needs to feel like herself again. True Story!

22. Craft something

There are countless ways to get your craft on…

  • Ceramics
  • Cut and Paste
  • knitting
  • crochet
  • paint

Please comment or share if you enjoyed this post. Tell me, Frugal moms, what are some stress-free activities that you love?


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  • Toni | Dr Toni DDS

    I started doing yoga for stress and I feel soo much better. I did some adult coloring pages and next thing you know both of my kids were coloring for 20 minutes with me! I really want to try painting, but I’m afraid the little ones will want to do it too and make a mess. 🙂

  • Candice

    Love list posts like this. I find anything creative incredibly therapeutic. Yoga has also helped me manage my stress so much better. Now when I’m grumpy (which is less often) my daughter tells me I need to go to yoga.

  • tachira wiltshire

    I have learned yoga and I meditate when I can. Note I said when I can. Does not seem like there is time for much of anything working full time and being a single mom. Music is what keeps me sane most days. Yoga with Adriene is my fave yoga channel. She really is the best.

    • TheHappyMommy

      Yes. I understand that. Music keeps me going too. you have to make time for you too mama! Even if it is just 30 minutes a day. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica

    I absolutely agree to free classes and reading a book! Just got an early copy to Jessica Knoll’s new book The Favorite Sister and I can’t put it down. So fun to just read and relax. Xo, Jessica

    • Mascha

      You’ve put some great ideas together here.
      I am going to start yoga and tai chi again next month with a friend . We finally found somewhere. At home I just don’t make myself the time… funny that I do for meditation though before going to bed.
      And gardening I find very calming and relaxing.
      Will have to try out a few of your other tips 🙂

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