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My Go to Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest is My Favorite 

Who doesn’t love Pinterest? Well maybe you don’t love it as much as I do. Did you know you could use it for your business? Well yeah Kim we are not living under a rock! Well are you confused on how to get engagement on Pinterest? Do you have a strategy in place? Are you focused on Pinterest? If not.. Here is why you should be..


People come to Pinterest for inspiration and to find new things to buy. Come get inspired today!


Pin Consistently

Pinterest Strategy.. Get more clicks #PinterestMarketing #PinterestStrategy

Pinterest loves fresh content and they love to see consistency. It does not take long either. All you have to do is pin a few times but you must do it every day. To make it easy you can schedule pins on Pinterest now. Or use the scheduler Tailwind.

Create Multiple Boards

Pinterest Strategy

To spread your content out create multiple boards and make sure you use keywords. These are words that people search to find information or products. If you type something into Pinterest or google say for example “cleaning Products” it will show relevant content and products for cleaning products. Pinterest even shows you other words people have searched related to that search. That is how you should be naming your boards. For example Crafts.. you can create multiple boards from different crafts depending on what your topic is about. For example holiday crafts like Easter crafts, Kid Crafts, Paper Crafts, and so on.


Use hashtags

Pinterest Strategy

With Pinterest, it is not the same as instagram where you fill your description with a ton of hashtags. A good number to stick to is 3 to 5 hashtags. Keywords is where it’s at with your description. Do some research on google and Pinterest and see what keywords are doing the best for your content. See what others are using with their keywords. It takes some trial and error. Do not Give Up!


Sharing is Caring

Pinterest Strategy #Pinterest #howto

If you are just starting out with sharing your content on Pinterest or you do not have a lot of content. Share other Content that is related to your topics share what you have and the more content you get the more you can share your own.


Board Covers

How to make the most of Pinterest. #PinterestClicks #PinterestBoards

Pinterest is all about Visualization. Make sure your pins are Clear and easy to read. When making a board cover you can make it match your brand colors or you can use a picture that matches what your board is about. It is really up to you. I have seen both and they both look great!


Use The 5 Rule

Pinterest Strategy #Pinterest #business #PinterestClicks

Pinterest says the first 5 pins you pin during the day get top priority and what your followers see first. Also I pin 5 of my own content and 5 of others I follow content.


The big takeaway from this is use Pinterest as a search engine, like you would use Google or Bing. Comment below and let me know if this was helpful. If you would like more helpful tips please subscribe for more Pinterest awesomeness!

Pin It!

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Sharing is Caring!

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