Self Care

Meditation should be part of Your Self Care Heres Why

What is meditation why is it necessary


Day 3 of Live more Worry Less 5 Day Series.

There are different types of meditation techniques. Everyone is different no technique is one size fits all. Find what works for you, you can always try different methods until you find your technique.


Clearing your mind


Pick something to focus on..for example your breathing. When your mind wanders focus on just your breathing. This helps keep your mind from jumping from thought to thought. It takes practice and only ten minutes a day!


Be Mindful


Be present the moment. Focus on the now..whatever you are doing. This takes practice just like anything else. It’s a way of living. Meditation is a good way to stay mindful and stay in the moment.



 Stay Present


When you are focusing on your breathing or focusing on one thing at a time you are practicing staying present.




Meditation helps with stress


Moms know stress am I right? Pick up the groceries, drop kids off at school and activities, clean the house… work .. spend time with spouses. Never ending dishes and laundry. Whoo! I got tired just writing that! IF you can find 10 minutes to spare clear your mind and meditate! It is good to just take a breather.


Sites I recommend






Yoga Journal




These are sites I have used and really help me figure out what meditation is all about. Remember there is not right or wrong way to meditate. Do what feels relaxing and comfortable to you. Have fun with it. Create a calm and nice space to meditate. Meditation is all about discipline and stress release. We have to take care of ourselves mamas! Our Family is counting on us!


Do you have some tips on Meditation? Anything that you would like to add? Comment below I want to hear from you!

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