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Life Skills all children should learn & Why it’s Important

Life skills are important to function in everyday life. In my opinion, the earlier you teach a child responsibility the better.

Also, it makes your day alittle easier, by letting the kids help out with housework By eleven years old I knew how to cook, clean, and do laundry.
I cooked simple things like eggs and mac n cheese, there are a ton of ways to make chores fun and simple . For example, rewarding them when they do not have to be asked to do something. Check out “Rewarding kids for good deeds” These are a few examples of age appropriate Life Skills to teach kids to adulthood.
Note: some skills may take children a little longer to learn. Every child is different, do not feel discouraged. Let them learn at their own pace.

5 Life Skills to teach 3-6 year old

Starting with the basics can help in the long run. These are the ages that they want to help, they are eager to help. These eventually become habits and once they have a taste of responsibility you can set up chore charts, reward systems, and eventually you won’t have to ask they will just do it. Hopefully.
1. Brush their teeth
2. put clothes in the hamper
3. put toys away
4. clear dishes
5. Addresses- phone numbers

5 skills 7-9 year olds

As a child I loved helping in the kitchen. Especially baking. There are a lot of no bake recipes out there. This can help with mixing and stirring, a great way to work on fine motor skills.
1. basic food skills- mixing, cutting, stirring
2. Put laundry in washer
3. Rinse off dishes
4 .make the bed
5. Take a bath without assistants

5 skills for 11-13 year olds

By this age, children should be used to helping out around the house. They know a little bit about responsibility. You can talk about the importance of responsibility and how you are setting them up for greatness. Having organization skills work in all aspects of life. Let them know when they’re doing a good job. I know when someone thanks me for helping it makes me feel appreciated and more likely to keep doing a good job.
1. Take out the trash
2. Wash dishes
3. Pick up after themselves
4. Do laundry
5. Fold laundry
5 skills for 14-18-year-olds

Teenagers turn into adults. We hope we teach our kids everything we know and more so that they can be a well-adjusted adult. Instead of stickers and candy for rewards, it’s never to early to teach about money management. Give them a little more reward. Not just money for rewards you can take them out to dinner or let them choose what to do on a family outing. Our reward in our jobs is making money and spending it on things we enjoy. Hopefully, these tasks stick and they understand why having a routine and learning organization is so important.
1. Cook meals
2. Learn about finances
3. How to interview for a job
4. Clean the house
5. Make Dr appointments
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  • Bridget

    This post was a great reminder! I had forgotten about learning phone numbers, addresses, and even how to call 911. It’s important to show them the emergencey call on cell phones since many people have password locks.

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