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How To Live Your Best Life Intentionally

How To Live Your Best Life Intentionally 

Day 4:  Worry Less Live More Series

Set goals


I bet you hear that time and time again. It’s true! When you have a goal that’s meaningful to you. That gives you purpose and something to look forward to! Goal setting helps put our lives into perspective and shows us what’s important. Living intentionally helps with knowing what’s important and what’s not.  How do you set goals?

Ask why


 Do you have a routine set every day? Do you exercise? Drink Coffee? Have you ever asked yourself why you do what you do? When you know why, you have a more understanding and the importance behind your reasons. Why do you read? Is it relaxing? You like learning new things. All that matters… are you are doing everything intentional and living the way that connects to your values and your purpose? Talking to that friend that always makes you feel bad about yourself, is not good for you. It is ok to change things to let go of what is not making you happy and live the way you want.

Do what makes you happy


Ok ok. I am not saying do not go to work or be rude to people that get on your nerves. We would all like to, but I mean do what makes you happy, be around people that lift you up. Do not go to that office party if it means you being miserable for an hour or two. Do not go see that family member that always has something negative to say about your life. It is not worth your mental and physical health. If your job is getting on your nerves, see what you can do to change it.

Be around others that lift you up

Do not keep anyone in your life that is toxic. Anyone in your life should be there to support you and uplift you no matter what. Anything else is wasted. Do not let anyone take your kindness for weakness. The world would be a kinder place if we would take the time to lift each other up. You must be a friend first to have a friend. That is true in many ways. DO you know someone who does a lot for you and asks for nothing in return? Well Return the favor every once in a while  I am sure that would make their day! I have a huge heart, so I’ve been told… whenever someone I know needs help I try my best to get the help they need or lend a helping hand. It feels good to help others.

Intentional living is just living the way that makes you feel happy. Knowing why you do the things you do can help analyze what you need to keep and get rid of in your life to live your best life. We all have one life to live, make it count.

Thank You for reading. Please feel free to comment and tell me how you are living intentionally?

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