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How to Grow Your Email List with Pinterest

Hey, my Pinterest-Lovin’ BFF’s!!

You are learning so much about Pinterest! You know how to create a viral pin, how to organize your Pinterest for business and even my go-to Pinterest strategy!

And these are all really good things to learn. These tips and tricks are going to help you grow your business to the level you always dreamed of.

But the best way to grow your business is to get your readers onto your email list. Turn your readers into subscribers! And then eventually into customers or clients.

And Pinterest can help you do this!

Why Do You Want To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Email List?

Because we don’t own Pinterest.

Or other social media platforms, for that matter.

Our email list is something we can control. We own it.

We don’t own or control Pinterest, FaceBook or any other social media. What if it just all went away? How would our audience find us?

Through our landing pages, through our sign-up forms, and through our email lists!

Your audience needs to be on your email list to get your stuff!!

Your email list is your most important asset. Social media is unpredictable and could go away. But your email list is yours.

So let’s use Pinterest to Grow Your Email List!!

♥♥ Have A Landing Page ♥♥

The first thing you need to think about when using Pinterest to grow your email list is to create a landing page to link your pins to.

What goes on my landing page?

Your landing page needs to promote the problem your reader is having, and then offer the solution through your services or your freebie.

It needs to appeal to them.

It needs to have a call to action on it, somewhere at the beginning, in the middle, and again at the end, to get them to sign up and get your freebie.

The goal of the landing page is to promote your services but you also give the reader the option to sign up to learn more if they are not ready to buy yet, through tips, freebies, and free advice.

♦ Create a landing page, use it to promote your services and then offer a freebie at the end.

Do I need to have a landing page for every freebie?

No, you don’t need to have a landing page for every freebie. Just for your most popular freebies and if you are trying to sell something.

If you have a freebie that is important and that you are trying to accomplish something with, then you need to have a landing page for it.

Do I need to create a pin for every landing page, and if so, how many?

Do it just like you do for a blog post. Create three to five pins for every landing page.

How does a landing page help you to grow your email list through Pinterest?

By setting up a call to action!

♦ You create an awesome pin that draws them in. They click on it and land on your landing page. Then they can sign up for your services, a freebie or whatever, and get on your email list.


♥♥ Create Content Upgrades ♥♥

The next thing you need to do is create a content upgrade for your most popular posts and your most important posts.

What is a content upgrade and how does it differ from other opt-ins and freebies?

A content upgrade is a more in-depth look at the information. It goes at the end of a blog post, whereas a freebie can be anywhere on your website. It gives you a lot more information on the topic you are looking for.

A content upgrade could be a cheat sheet, tip sheet or some steps you can take to complete the task that you just read about in the blog post.

It can also be an ebook, a guide, or a workbook. It is something to help you go a little deeper with the information.

A freebie is something that is little and easy. It often has call-to-action-steps you can take. It’s not necessarily related to any certain blog post. But it always is something valuable to your reader.

And an opt-in is anything that your reader can get for free, in exchange for her email address.

So a freebie and a content upgrade are both opt-ins.

What kinds of content upgrades should I create?

It depends on what’s popular on Pinterest. What I go off of as a guide is what other people do, or what is trendy at the time. People love freebies. They love printables. And they love guides.

Those are always good ones.

How does content upgrades grow my email list with Pinterest?

Anything that goes to a sign-up form – content upgrades, freebies, free planners, ebooks – any of that – no, ALL OF THAT – should be on Pinterest.

All of it!!

Because that’s how they are going to find you and get on your email list.

♥♥ Add a Sneak Peek or a Call to Action On Your Pin ♥♥

Give your readers a reason to click on your pin and land on your landing page!

What does a ‘sneak peek’ or a ‘call to action’ look like?

A sneak peek is a picture of your freebie. It’s always a good idea to put a picture of your freebie on your pin, so that they know what it looks like.

Just take a screen-shot of whatever your opt-in is and upload it to Canva or whatever you use. Make it small enough so that they can’t read it, but big enough so that they have a good idea of what it looks like.

A call-to-action, or a CTA, is a clickable headline. It gets them to click on your pin to learn more.

Some examples might be “Sign up for _____ today!”, “Come join my newsletter for tips and freebies!” or “For a limited time only you can get ____!!”.

How do I create a call to action for my pin?

Think back to high school…. Remember your “who, what, when, where, how, and why”. People want to know these things!

→ They want to know who you are, and they can tell by your logo or your website.

→ They need to know what it’s about. How To’s are really popular, and so is ‘why you need this’. Asking a question on your pin is a great way to create a call to action!

→ Have a sense of urgency. “Get this now before it goes away!”

→ Think like you are a business, because your blog is your business. So you have to treat it like that – treat it like a product. Your blog post is your product that you are trying to get someone to buy – buy into reading, that is. I think of my blog and everything about it as my business. I remind myself, “I’m selling all of this,” because I am selling it to my readers.

A great example of a clickable call to action is “Are you struggling with ____? Then click here for more details on ____!”

♥♥ Make Sure Your Pins Are On Point ♥♥

Your pins are like an advertisement for your business, your blog, your freebies, and your services. You need to make sure that they pop!

How do I make sure my pins grab my reader’s attention?

Pay attention to your colors and the picture. Make sure the picture is really clear. Use bold colors and big lettering. It has to be in their face.

You have to grab their attention with an enticing pin. The pin, the words, the picture….if it doesn’t all flow together then it won’t grab their attention and they’re not going to care.

They are just going to scroll right past it.

Where do I pin all of these pins to?

Just like your blog posts, you pin to the most relevant board first, and then the others, including your group boards. And the very last board you should pin to is your blog board.

That pin you made for your landing page – be sure to add it to your landing page! It should be on there somewhere. That way your readers can pin directly from your landing page too.

And don’t forget your keywords!

Remember how important keywords are in your pin descriptions! Make sure you are using those keywords that describe your opt-in and its relevancy.


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