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How to Create Outstanding Pins on Pinterest


So you have Pinterest and want to drive your audience to your website … but how?


First off, create a business account. You can track analytics and what people are pinning with a business account. It is free and easy to convert. 

Pin Format

Long Form Pins are the best to use –600 x 1560 pixels

Medium Form Pins are good to use too- 600 x 1260 pixels

Canva  uses  735 x 1102 px

Pic Monkey uses 600 x 900px


Examples of Pins that Convert

Pinterest Pins

This pin has a lot of white space which makes my pin easy to read. Which is what you want. I have my brand colors and a picture that relates to what I am sharing.

PInterest Pins


I use 


Adobe Spark

for my graphics.. both have free versions. Work Great!


Find Your Brand Colors 

How To create Pinterest Graphics-happymommytiredmommy

A way to stand out from the rest, find your brand colors. Put them in all the work you do. People will eventually pick out your pins when you have your own style and brand. No copying others brand that’s a no-no.  Be creative … find your own style that relates to you.  Play around with colors see what you like .. see what catches your attention the most.



How To Create Pinterest Graphics

fonts are good but do not get too crazy with it. You want people to read your message clearly. Serif fonts are professional looking and are easy to read.

Have Fun With It

How To create Pinterest Graphics-happymommytiredmommy

Play around with some colors and see what speaks to you. Get out and get some inspiration! Look at what colors pair well together, what are you trying to say with your brand? Warm and inviting? Loud and Creative? Bold and beautiful? Do not be afraid to be funky I have seen awesome colors on Pinterest with brands, I stop and think wow. that is amazing why didn’t I think of putting those colors and designs together?


Titles are just as important as the photos and how good your pin looks. Remember people are searching for specific topics on Pinterest. Ask a question. Ask yourself what would I want to know about this topic? For example My Pin “Home After Birth Tips To Remember” used to be called 5 Tips For bringing home baby.


The pin…It got some clicks but as I researched the topic more and more and realized people were researching birth tips and after birth tips, I had to tweak my wording just a bit and it worked! You have to know who is researching your topic and why? Once you have a question in mind dig a little deeper… How-tos, Tips, guides, all of those keywords are important when thinking about your topic.

I hope this was super helpful and if you have tips I have not covered …please share your tips.. comment or Email me!

Pin it!


Have more questions? about this Write to me and I will try to answer your questions!


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