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Mothers Day Series (Day 1)

The History Behind Mothers Day



Today we are getting a little history lesson on Mothers Day and what it used to stand for.


History Behind Mothers day…Katherine Antolini of West Virginia Wesleyan College talks about Anna Jarvis and her mother Ann Jarvis who founded Mother’s Day.

Before 1908 Ann was an activist who set up Mother’s Day to bring moms together during the war.

She was trying to fight disease and save children from dying, by setting up picnics and church meetings for moms to go and socialize.

They also set up work clubs to show women how to properly care for their children during the civil war. She was making a political statement to promote peace.  When she passed away her daughter Anna who had no children tried to keep her mother’s dream of Mother’s Day alive.





Mother’s Day was found in 1908. Anna tried to save the celebration of mothers by protesting its commercialized state that the US tried to put on it. She wanted to honor her mother by keeping Mother’s Day just a celebration of your mom and spending time with her. It became an official holiday in 1914.

To this day Mother’s Day is so commercialized with cards, candy and gifts.Even though in the past Anna Jarvis used floral arrangements to try and get people to stand up and celebrate Mothers day she did not like people profiting from the holiday.

Her mother Ann Jarvis hated that . Mother’s Day was also known by another name it was called Mother Friendship Day.



Mother’s Day turns 110 years old


Mother’s Day is celebrated in many countries and it is over a 100-year-old. Or if you want to go by when it became a national holiday it is 104 years old. Before Anna Jarvis’s death in 1948 she tried to get Mother’s Day off the united states calendar and banned from being celebrated.

She was disgusted on what it had become because everyone was making profit off the holiday. This is not what the Jarvis family wanted and it was a disgrace.

Anna Jarvis tried to sue anyone who tried to make money off the holiday, she had multiple lawsuits against parties who were using Mother’s Day to earn money.

Anna Jarvis became broke fighting for Mother’s Day justice. She spent her last days in a sanitarium.


Mother’s Day Series

My Mother’s Day Series will be for 5 days. Each day I will post something new about honoring Mothers on Mother’s Day.

Day 1 – History of Mothers Day

Day 2- Gifts on Mothers Day

Day 3- Movies To celebrate with Mom

Day 4-  Celebrate Moms

Day 5- Happy Mothers Day

I hope you like this little intro to my Mother’s Day series. I would like to know what you think about the holiday; how do you celebrate it? Do you agree with Anna Jarvis and her mother? Do you think to this day it is still outrageously commercialized? What are the best ways you show your mom or care?



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