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Have you read today, the last few months, or even the last year? What about your kids, when is the last time they cracked open a book?  With so many distractions going on in the world and in the household today, it is nice to curl up with a good book every once and awhile. Studies show that children need at least 15 minutes of reading a day.  I know, I know.. you’re thinking there is a lot more I can get done in fifteen minutes than wasting my time reading. There are so many benefits to reading though for you and your child. Keep reading below to find out what those health benefits are.


Reading wasn’t always fun for me. My mom told me she read to me all the time to make reading fun. After a while it didn’t feel like work. Now that I’m grown I still love reading. I do not get to read as often as I’d like, but I still enjoy the times that I get to.  Reading is so relaxing, there is nothing like getting lost in a good story. Unless I’m reading a thriller then I’m on the edge of my seat, wondering what happens next!


Benefits of Reading

have you read today

  • Reading has various health benefits according to the article written in the business insider.
  • Not only does reading help your memory, it reduces the chances of getting Alzheimer’s later in life.
  • If you read to your child at night, it can help both of you sleep better.
  • Reading to your child every day is good for both of you because it relieves stress and creates bonding time.



Reading Makes You Smart

For young children reading is especially important because it can help them recall things better and help with identifying letters.

  • Reading helps build vocabulary which makes you smarter.
  • Reading makes you empathetic and helps put you in another person’s shoes.
  • You can relate to others on a more deeper level. Get lost in a good fiction story!

For children it is recommended that they read 15 to 20 minutes a day. (hint hint)


American Association of Pediatrics

have you read

Their findings have shown that children who read often at home do better in the classroom. Their language skills and test scores are higher, than those who do not read often.



Here is a free printable of 13 books to help you get started on your reading journey with your child!


Are you ready to exercise?

Wait what? I thought this post was about reading? It is! Exercise your brain. Your brain is not necessarily a muscle, but you should treat it like one. That is why the saying goes Exercise your brain.  The more you read, the more you learn. When you learn a new skill or read something new you are stimulating your brain! When your brain is not used often your cognitive function lowers. Quick tip! Regular Exercise by running, walking or however you like to exercise is good for your brain as well.


Here are some activities that you and your child can do to help with exercising your brain


  • Write with the opposite hand, if you are a lefty, try writing with your right hand. It increases brain activity.
  • Read aloud to your spouse and child or have them read to you. When a book is read aloud it sparks imagination and helps you recall the information you are reading better than when you read it to yourself.


Learn a new skill.. have your family learn a new skill with you


Learn a new language

Dance class

Arts and Crafts


Whatever you do .. do not stop learning. Best thing to do when learning something new? READ about it! I hope you found this post inspiring and full of good information. What will you read today? Besides this post!

a comment below and tell me you and your child’s favorite books to read!

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