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Finding the best Search results on Pinterest

How to find the best Search results on Pinterest and why it is the best thing ever!

Search results can be overwhelming. Do you ever get lost searching for something? Let me tell you it can happen… So how can I stop this from happening? Instead of looking through a million chili recipes to find the one I want, I rather narrow down my search with keywords instead of sifting through 1 million recipes. NO thank you!


It is all about the keywords baby!

Keywords are the most important part of a Pin description. This lets your readers know exactly what a pin is about. There are some neat hacks to find keywords easily with Google and Pinterest. One hack is to start simple, such as, say your topic is summer activities a way to take that keyword further is type summer activities and see what other words relate.

Summer activities are the keywords and the blocks are words that you can choose to narrow your search even more.

so I narrowed my search by adding summer activities for toddlers there are more keywords we can add to get more specific including specific activities


Google search is similar to the Pinterest search. Use keywords to narrow down what you are searching for.


Long Tail Keywords and descriptive language

In the examples above you can see some long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are just keywords with a little more information in them.  An example of this would be Pinterest Tips for bloggers or an even better long tail keyword would be social media Pinterest tips for bloggers.


Why is this important and how can this help you?

Keywords are used so people can find the information they are looking for.  It is important to use keywords in all your descriptions for pins and board descriptions. Make sure your descriptions are complete sentences. People will understand what they are reading if you have complete sentences.


Pinterest Hack Making Keywords Complete sentences

When it comes to naming your boards you can use this hack too. An example of this would be “how to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.” You could use that as your board name and fill it with Pinterest tips that drive traffic to your blog. So keywords should go in you Pin, board description, and board name. Then you will be all set and your audience will be able to find you easier.


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