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Fall Bucket List Self Care

How To Care for Yourself in the Fall

Fall Self Care

Fall is in the air! Time for bonfires, smores, and comfy sweaters.

It is getting cooler and dark falls sooner. I love fall..watching the leaves turn different colors..drinking hot beverages such as tea and hot cocoa. The one thing that i dislike about cold weather is dry skin. It is the worst. 
Even on cold days it is good to care for yourself. I have come up with a self care bucket list that’s lots of fun

What is your favorite things about Fall?

Here are a few of my favorite things

1.create your favorite healthy fall recipes

2. try new scents that you love to smell

3.Keep a fall bucket list journal

4.Write down what your grateful for 30 days

5. Drink more water
6 take a walk look at the colors of fall
7 decorate with fall colors
8 create fall crafts with inspirational quotes
9 create new fall desserts
10 build a bonfire
11 get new fall clothes
12 go to a festival
13 watch 31 days of Halloween
14 Write 30 days in a gratitude journal
15 take family photos outside
16 watch football
17 decorate pumpkins
18 visit farmers market
19 bake from scratch
20 buy and share candy
21 create apple products(apple pie, apple cider, apple soap)
22 watch family friendly halloween and thanksgiving movies
23 make some smores
24 create a can drive for your community
25 visit a pumpkin patch
26 read halloween books
27 create wreaths
28 DIY sweaters
29 create new chili recipes
30 make cookie or popcorn tins

Thank You So much For Reading! What are some of your favorite things about fall? Comment below.

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