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Easter Activities For Kids

Easter Activities For Kids to Enjoy


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Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a lovely time! How do you and your family celebrate Easter? We go to church and usually have a nice lunch. Of course we love Easter egg hunting. This Year is the first time my son will get to Easter egg hunt… He was sick last year and didn’t get to. Cross fingers he gets to this year! This will be the first time he gets to dye eggs too. I am So excited! I am going to take a ton of Pictures!

These Lovely ladies have graciously agreed to share some of their Easter ideas with us today.



First We have Charissa

Charissa is a teacher, a mom and a wife. She tells it like it is over at the wild west 3. Today she is sharing an easy Easter Craft for the kiddos. Go check her out!

Susan From Mommy High Five

Susan is a mom and wife and writes about all things parenting, gift guides, and hobbies. She is sharing Easter Activities and traditions with us today. Come check her out!


Lisa From The Crunchy Sailors Wife

Lisa is a mom and a Sailors wife. She loves wellness and natural living. Today she shares her post on Healthier Easter Basket Alternatives. Go check her out!

Dezarae From Quietly Creative

Dezarae is a mom of three boys, a wife and child caregiver in home for many years. She is sharing Easter M&M Cookies with us today! Come check her out!


Check out these awesome ladies and their blogs! Thank you all for being apart of this.


My Go To Easter Ideas For Sensory Kids

My son has Sensory issues, we just found out about Sensory Processing Disorder a year ago. We are still learning  about his needs as far as sensory goes. I like to google and use Pinterest for activities to help him. He is what they call a Sensory Seeker. I hope you Enjoy some of these activities.


Jr. Jumper Trampoline

A rubber tube with bars.. so the kids can stand and bounce on the rubber tube! How fun!

Crash Pad

Make your own crash pad

Duvet, Body pillows, large Comforters, Large Towels

Shaving cream color mix bag

Put some shaving cream and food coloring and watch it mix together as your kid squishes the shaving cream in the bag.

Sensory bags (Easter Themed)

add some fake grass and eggs, or stickers of bunnies

Easter egg with play grass

for Sensory table .. or colored rice where the scoop it up in plastic eggs

Easter Sticker book

Fill a blank notebook with Easter Stickers

Little Tikes -Slip n Slide

You can use the slide without the mat. So fun!

Kenetic Sand

My son loves sand… kids can mold it however they want make different shapes .. easy clean up

Plastic eggs

get a bunch of plastic egg.. and a water table… make different colors with food coloring

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Comment below with your fun Easter Ideas! I would love to hear them!

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