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Do You Have Social Anxiety

Do You Have Social Anxiety


Social Anxiety definition…”Symptoms may include excess fear of situations in which one may be judged, worry about embarrassment or humiliation, or concern about offending someone.”

Note: I am NOT a DOCTOR. Please seek professional help if you or someone you know is having a hard time.

Mental Health is talked about a lot these days. In some ways it is good… I have noticed in Hollywood and the music industry people are opening up a lot more about their struggles with their own mental health. To me, it is not a new trend it is very serious. I hope my post helps you in some way. Whether you relate to it or know someone who needs to hear it.

This does not mean I am weird or awkward .. even though I probably am. Social interactions are just harder for me to get through. I can go days without having a conversation and I am ok. The days I am constantly running and socializing are really exhausting to me. It took me a long time to realize my anxiety was a thing. I just thought I was just shy because that is what I was told all my life. Or that I was an introvert. Which all of the above is true but I found out that it was so much more than that.



There are many different types of anxiety. People can have more than one type. The type of anxiety that stands out the most for me is social anxiety. When I was a little girl I did not speak much, not because I didn’t know how..but because I was afraid to speak around others. I was really soft-spoken and was bullied a lot because I was the smallest kid in my class and my voice was like a whisper when I spoke.


Anxiety As A parent


I have grown a lot since those days of being a scared and sad little girl. I hate public speaking… Slowly but surely I will come out of my shell. Since my son has been in this world ..which is about 3 yrs now .. I have become his voice. I am his mother, his protector…i knew he couldn’t stick up for himself so I became a speaker for him.

My son has special needs and he has forced me to get out of my comfort zone more than I would like to. That’s what kids do am I right? They teach us things when we are supposed to be teaching them. He has given me confidence that was locked away for so long in fear of being judged. That fear is still very real for me and I still struggle.

It is getting easier.


Tips That help me



I googled how to cope with anxiety and realized that I am already using some of these techniques…

Here is what helped me so far…
    • Get out More


    • I find mom friends through facebook mommy groups and just ask if someone would like a playdate and tell my kids age. It has worked a lot.


    • Make conversation with parents


    • go to the park


    • Strike up a conversation with parents at the park..see where it goes..


    • We go to the mall


    • Most malls have play areas with benches…start a conversation there


    • We go to therapies


    • In the Lobby waiting for my sons feeding therapy..i have moms ask me questions and talk to me.


  • Remind me they’re human

I take a deep breath and remind myself they are parents too..they understand.

Find common interests


All else fails

ask what they have been reading lately

Ask about their hobbies

Notice a cool toy their kid is playing with ask where they  got it

To answer the question yes I have social anxiety. I find ways to cope with my anxiety some days are harder than others. Some days I do not leave my house at all. It is hard for me to make eye contact with people and I am constantly overthinking every decision I ever make.

I hope this resonates with someone and realize you are not alone. Find someone to talk to about it. Journal about it. I finally realized that some things are just too big to deal with alone. I realized I do not need to do this alone and I’m not.

Thank You For reading if you know someone who needs to hear this please share. Comment below and let me know your struggles with anxiety.


Sharing is Caring!


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