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Cope With PTSD


Post-traumatic stress syndrome

NOTE: I am Not A DOCTOR or Medical Professional.. Please Seek Help From a Real Professional.


Suffering from PTSD

There are people close to me who have suffered …still suffering from PTSD.

Symptoms include nightmares, anxiety, mood swings, loss of interest..insomnia etc.

PTSD happens when a traumatic event occurs. 70 percent of adults experience at least one traumatic event in their lifetime.

Trauma big or small


If it is traumatic to you that’s all that matters. It does not matter if someone else thinks it’s not a big deal. If it’s a big deal to you talk to someone who is supportive. My husband developed PTSD while our son was in the NICU.

I didn’t understand ..it was a tense time for all of us. The day he completely freaked out.. I finally understood I could not help him on my own. I told him he needed help. It is not an easy thing to admit you need help. We finally found someone who took our insurance.

He made the appointment. I just wanted my husband back. I knew it was not going to be an overnight thing. Eventually, he started getting better. We were communicating better.

come up with some coping mechanisms to help.

We all have days that seem too much to handle.

Do not give up, find a great support system.

Getting help


Do not be afraid to admit you need help. Go talk to a professional. When my friend lost it on one of her family members she knew it was time to talk to someone. She scared herself to the point she got help. Sometimes it takes drastic things to happen before you realize you need help. If you have any symptoms ..don’t wait to get help today.

Coping techniques



Find out from your doctor if medication is right for you.


Find the right therapy and therapist that’s right for you. Do not settle. Take care of your health.

Individual therapy

If one on one therapy is better..try that. Make sure you have support with your loved ones and your therapist.

Group therapy

If groups more your thing. Find a support group and have a talk with others that are struggling.

Try Facebook groups

PTSD Support

Mental Health Support

There is support out there do not be afraid to ask for help.


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Thank You For Reading. If you or anyone you know suffers from PTSD please do not hesitate to get help. Please take care of yourself.

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