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Childrens Fiction

I am reviewing childrens Fiction because I love to read. Reading can take you to so many great places and fill your imagination with great stories. I used to read to my son when he was a newborn. I can not wait to read to him again. He is two and has so much energy, he loves looking at pictures and turning the pages. I try to read to him but he just walks away, but thats ok because I will keep encouraging it because it is so important. It is away to escape and travel to places you have never been. Start reading as soon as you can from birth to the rest of their life. Encourage the love of reading! What stories do you read to your little ones?


Books For  Parents

You are my Heart

By: Marianne Richmond

You are my heart

Review: This book is for first time parents, grandparents, every parent actually. It is very sweet and I get choked up reading it so you might get a little emotional too. It is about the love you have for your child and all the adventures you think about going on with your little one. This is a short, sweet and to the point book. The book is hardcovered and it is easy to read. You will not be disappointed! Ages : 4-8 yrs of age


If you like this book.. Recommendations 

If I Could Keep You Little… (Marianne Richmond)

The Gift of an Angel w/ Lullaby CD: For Parents Welcoming a New Child (Marianne Richmond)

All the Things I Love About You

Love about you By: LeUyen Pham 

Review:  This is a sweet book for moms with boys. Showing how you love them and what you love about them. Sweet and to the point!

If you like this book.. Recommendations 


A Piece of Cake By: Leuyen Pham

There’s No Such Thing as Little By: Leuyen Pham



What Mommies Do Best/What Daddies Do Best

book By: Laura Numeroff  Illustrated By: Lynn Munsinger

Review: This books is really simple to read a few words on each page. It talks about of course what mommies and daddies do best .. but most of all they love the best. Sweet read for the kids.

If You Like This Book..

Book Recommendations…


What Do We Do With  the Baby?

child fictionBy: Rick Walton illustrated by: Paige Miglio

Review: Sweet little book to get your child ready for their new sibling. The dos and donts for littles and caring for their new addition to the family. Easy to read and understand, lots of photos, short sentences. 3-6 years old

If You Like This Book.. Books Recommendations…

Baby’s First Year by: Rick Walton Illustrated by: Caroline Jayne Church

I need My Own Country : By: Rick Walton illustrated by:Wes Hargis


Books For Spring

My Spring Robin By: ANN ROCKWELL  Illustrated By: Harlow Rockwell and Lizzy Rockwell

Childrens fiction

Review: “My Spring Robin” is about a young girl wanting to see her bird the robin, the only problem is the bird comes around in the spring time so she has to wait until  then to see her bird again. Cute simple book to explain to kids why certain animals come out during certain times and seasons. Ages: 3 and up


If You Like This Book.. Books Recommendations…

Apples and Pumpkins (Ann Rockwell)

Mother’s Day (Ann Rockwell)

Fletcher & the Springtime Blossoms By: Julia Rawlinson and Tiphanie Beeke


Chidrens fiction

Review: Fletcher the fox is playing in a meadow dreaming about spring and all the beautiful things around him. All of a sudden he sees white falling from the sky and runs to tell his animal friends that winter has come back. He and his friends go investigate what is going on. The ending is very surprising and cute. Such a lovely easy to read book to get children excited about spring. Ages: 4-8 yrs

If You Like This Book..

Book Recommendations…

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves(by: Julia Rawlinson)

Fletcher and the Snowflake Christmas(by: Julia Rawlinson)

Spring Is Here

child fiction By: Will Hillenbrand 

Review: Cute book about Spring. The mole is trying to wake his friend bear up to let him know. The bear needs a little more convincing that it is time to wake. With the effort of his friend Mole They will enjoy spring together. Ages 3-6 Years

If You Like This Book..

Book Recommendations…

Down By The Station: By: Will Hillenbrand

Here we go Round the Mulberry Bush: Will Hillenbrand


Books about Manners

The Litte Tree That Would Not Share

little tree  _By: Nicoletta Costa

Review: This book is a cute way to show kids the importance of sharing. A tree sprouts beautiful leaves and he is afraid they will disappear if animals come near him so he tells them to go away! Until he realizes that losing his leaves are a part of nature and they will eventually come back. When he learns the news about his leaves he is all about sharing his shade with others.

If You Like This Book..

Book Recommendations…

Fall With Olga By:Nicoletta Costa

Julio Bunny: Nicoletta Costa



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