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Become a Doer Not a Thinker

We are at the end of our 5 day Live More Worry Less Series. I hope you enjoyed this series!

Take Action


When it comes to things we want… we go get it right? Want that new I phone so bad! You bought it… That car .. You got it..

What about your goals and the way you live your life?

Are you following through? Do you want your dreams bad enough?

I hope so.


Put those goals and wish lists into action!

Let me hear it.. excuses right? we all have them…

I’m too busy…

No time…

More like poor time management and procrastination.

Here’s the thing sweetheart.. you wanted that phone and that car bad enough.. what about your dreams?

Hard work. and Dedication! People! I do it too.. I am one hell of a procrastinator.

If you do not want to be stuck at a job you hate ..come up with a plan and follow through.


Let’s Move on.

Be Clear about Your Goals


So you got some goals? We all should have some goals… it is what keeps us going. Write those ish down.

Be very detailed.. the more detailed the better.. Speaking of which I need to update my goals..

Anyways for example, I want to move. Where do you want to move? Why do you want to move? When.. how? Answer all of these and write them down.

When you are crystal clear you have a better picture of what you really want and therefore you will follow through.. well more likely to follow through.

Who runs the world girls! 😉

Give Your Goals Deadlines


Now that you have written every goal or dream you have ever had… Start creating deadlines for those bad boys!

For example, I want to lose 5 pounds in a month.. you have it all written out how to achieve that goal and you got your plan and deadline in place.. go you!

Do not forget to tell someone your goals so you might want to find a accountability buddy.

Believe in Yourself


You can Do This! It starts with you! Believe anything is possible. Take action! If you Believe it then achieve it. Create that attitude. I know soo cheesy.. stick it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror! Make it your motto! say ” watch out world, I got this!”

You yell at the littles for the 50th time today. I understand you need a pick me up.. that is ok. You got This!

I struggle with believing I can do anything all the time. It happens. Just have to dust yourself off and believe that whatever your goal is it starts with believing.

Change Does not Happen Over Night


Yes inspirational quotes are very cool and wise to say. Believe that you have the power to change. Know that it will not happen in a blink of an eye. It will take dedication and Patience. Takes time just like everything else.

You waited 9 ish months to see your beautiful baby.. it took time… just like anything in this world.. patience, love, and care. Do not give up.

If it helps Visualize your change… write in a journal or create a visual board filled with pictures of things you want to accomplish.

Keep Moving Forward


Right from the mouth of Walt Disney. Keep Moving Forward. Walt made mistakes in the beginning. He had drive. Walt stayed dedicated. You can too. Success takes time. Baby Steps.

Show the World what you are made of. You want to be an artist? take some classes do not give up. want to become an author? Write your little heart out!

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Thank You For Reading! If you like This Series comment below with your thoughts. Would you like to see more series like this one? Let Me Know! Thanks Mamas!


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