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All about Saint Patricks Day & More

Saint Patrick's Day

 Saint Patrick’s Day

Want to Learn all about Saint Patrick’s Day? Did you celebrate St Patrick’s Day in school? I remember wearing green so I would not get pinched. Some kids would dress up as leprechauns. I used to love making four leaf clover necklaces and coloring pictures like rainbows and pot of gold.

I loved eating lucky charms and eating all the marshmallows out of the cereal. As a kid celebrations like St. Patrick’s Day, you never really question why we celebrate it. I just thought it was a fun tradition to make everyone wear the same color and have green colored treats.

A good excuse to get out of school work by eating green cupcakes and making art all day. Those were the days! Now that I am grown I wonder a lot more about why we do the things we do. For example, Why we celebrate certain holidays. Here is a little history I have learned about St. Patty’s Day.

Fun Facts:


Irish is the 2nd most commonly reported ancestry in the US behind German


St Patrick’s Day is celebrated because of the death of St. Patrick. In Ireland they held a feast in his honor.


Leprechauns are from Irish folk tales, they were known as fairy’s who created shoes. They would hide their money in pots at the end of a rainbow. Which is where pot of gold came from. Originally leprechauns were dressed in red. In the 20th century things associated with Ireland were all green. That is why we see leprechauns dressed in green these days.


Today there are many ways we celebrate St Patrick’s day


St patricks day crafts

Crafts are a fun way  to express your creativity. Also keeps the kids occupied for awhile! Win win! I worked in an after school program and we had to come up with a new theme every week! Every week it was challenging, unless there was a holiday. Holidays are so much fun, the best times to really let your creative hat shine! Free Printables! here are some Examples..

  • Leprechaun Hat
  • Four Leaf Clover Necklace
  • Pot Of Gold Color Sheet

Wearing green

Now if you like the color green then you must have a field day during St. Patrick’s Day! I mean I like the color green but I’ve seen people go all out during this holiday.

Childish game get pinched if you do not wear green

This part of St Patricks day I do not care for. I think it was foolish when I was young and I still think it is foolish. One of my  biggest pet peeves is Pinching. I did not participate in this mean little game.


I have been to a few parades growing up none recently. Parades can be a lot of fun or stressful depending on who you are. Find a little culture and excitement by seeing a parade. Do you go to parades? Have you ever participated in a St Patricks Day Parade? Seems like Fun!

Green food and drink

I love to bake it is my favorite thing to do when I have the time. Food coloring is awesome! Making treats on a holiday is always amazing and great ways to make memories with the kiddos. Here are a few examples for treats on St Patricks Day..

  • Green Cupcakes 
  • You could call it Shamrock Juice
  • Recipe Example:  Cucumber Watermelon Juice 1 cucumber 1 thick slice watermelon Cut cucumber lengthwise into long strips for the juicer. Cut a thick slice of watermelon, and if your juicer is powerful you can leave the rind on. I do not like to juice the rind (personal preference). Juice ingredients together and serve.


Alittle about me

This day is bitter sweet for me.  My son was born early and St Patrick’s Day was his original due date. He had a few different due dates at first. I even bought a shirt that says due in March. He was born in February. I am glad I have that keepsake, to remind me of my sons journey into this world.


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