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About Me. Are you stressed beyond belief and you have negativity weighing you down? I have been there it is not a fun place to be. Self Care = Self Love. To be able to do the daily grind for others you have to be able and willing to do something for yourself. That is why self care is so important.

Not for you but for everyone around you as well. Stress can cause all sorts of health problems such as depression and so much more.

My name is Kim and I am a mommy of a wonderful little boy. He lights up my life and I do not always have it together. I am here to provide tips for mommys like me to make their days a little easier through tips and self care. Children need some down time too and I provide crafts and activities for them as well. Sit back and relax and read all about Self care and children activities! Do not hesitate to reach out and say HI! 

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The days are long and the years are short make the most of them!

  • Here to help you with self care because it is so important to be your best self mama!
  • Help get Ideas for the kiddos fun activities for whole family and Crafts!

About Me

My Hobbies include Disney Junior and Youtube Kid Channels, Reading, music, and Writing.







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