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5 Valentines Day Crafts (For the whole Family)

5 craft Ideas for valentines Day ( fun for the whole family)

Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines day is a perfect day to do crafts with the family. I put together some simple crafts for everyone to enjoy!

2 and up

Supplies Needed

• safety scissors
• ‎construction paper
• ‎glue stick

1. Paper trace heart

This craft is simple and educational. You can make your own heart to trace or print one out for them to trace and color. It could be a dot to dot craft or you could get a hole puncher and weave yarn through the holes to make two separate crafts. The kiddos may need help with the hole puncher. Tracing and placing yarn through the holes of the heart are great fine motor activities.

2.Hand print heart
There are two ways you can do this craft. Have your littles trace their hand so it looks like a heart. Or dip

their hand in paint so it looks like a heart, either way it will be a nice keepsake to put on the fridge. Use news papers to avoid mess. Have your littles pick one color at a time to avoid too many spills.

3.Animal hearts craft

You can get creative with this one. Basically choose any animal and make it out of hearts. For example a puppy. It could have a heart nose and ears or whatever your child chooses.

4.Heart mobile

This one you could use popsicle sticks for the base and have the hearts hanging down. This is a cute and creative way to decorate for valentines day. Or to make it a little easier you could fold pieces of paper for a scrunched up look and hang the hearts from them.

5.Heart jewelry & trucks

You could have your little make jewelry and fun cards. It doesn’t have to be heart shaped trucks it could be whatever they can think of. For example, robot, train, or dinosaur. Let them use their imagination.
Note: During crafts children might need a little assistants and supervision
Valentines day is such a fun holiday to enjoy with the whole family. I hope you liked these crafts let me know if you tried these or you have your own crafts you enjoy making with your family.
HAPPY Valentines Day!

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