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5 Bullet Journal Ideas

5 journal ideas



5 Bullet Journal Ideas to keep you well balanced and organized. When you feel content everyone around you can see it. Be that person you want to be, get the balance you want in your life. Here are some Journal ideas that can help with feeling happy and well rounded…

Gratitude Journal

5 bullet journal ideas

What are you grateful for? Showing gratitude makes me feel good and makes me appreciate what I have. I am grateful for my family who show me so much support with anything and everything. I am grateful for my son and my husband. In a gratitude journal you can be as creative as you want. Write down what your most thankful for everyday. In a year go back and read what it is you were grateful for the most. We should show gratitude more often than once a year. We should appreciate others year around. Here are some prompts to get you started.
Today I am grateful for..
I am grateful for this person in my life…

Inspiration Journal

When you think of the word inspire what comes to mind? I think about making someone feel something within themselves. I think of creativity and how there are so many ways to express it. Whenever you have a thought, write it down. Here are some examples on how to be inspired
Take Photos of things you like
Read books that make you think or bring out your creativity
listen to inspiring music
Read inspiring stories
go to an art museum

Song journal

I absolutely love all kinds of music. Especially songs that are happy and inspiring! Why not create a song journal and write down how you feel when you listen to the songs you love. It is a great writing exercise too. Here is a list of Happy songs to get you started. In a year you can go through it and see if you still feel the same about your song selection or see how it has changed. What songs inspire you? What songs get you pumped up and ready for anything? Remember those feelings and write those songs down. Music is my go to when I am stressed, upset, need to feel inspired or happy. What does music do for you?

Goals journal

I get really unorganized most days. Especially with goal setting. I have an endless to do list, like most do! (chuckles) So if I ever get around to it, I plan on keeping a goal journal. Write everything down that I want to accomplish and then categorize it by Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and yearly goals. Do you have a book of goals? How do you prioritize your goals?
If you are not a pen and paper kind of gal here are some apps I find very useful
Google Keep
You can type stuff in quickly.
You can color code your activities
write out to do lists
set reminders
Google Tasks
Keep track of your daily, monthly , or yearly goals
Set reminders
mark off your lists as you finish them
Self Care

I struggle with self care. I preach it..because it is important. What are your go to self care routines? If you do not have any.. it is best to start some. I am going to work at this myself because without your health it will be hard to do anything like accomplishing your goals, or spending time with your family. HEALTH is everything. Take care of yourself girl! This is on my to do list!
Take a walk
read a book
take a bubble bath
Eat some fruits and veggies
Do something daily to take care of yourself. You and your family will thank you.

Let me know if you find this list useful. I want to help you become more organized and less stressed!



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