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The Gift of 20 days of Gratitude

20 days of Gratitude can do for you and others! It is so easy to get caught up in life. We are waiting for the next instant gratification. The next aha! Moment. The next Dollar…
We get caught up because of work. .stress. Family responsibilities. One thing we need to do is slow down and enjoy what we already have. 
I know I’m guilty of go go go mode. 
20 days of gratitude
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Showing Gratitude is not only beneficial to you… it helps others as well. Gratitude makes you happy with the things you already have.

Grateful for family

We can take them for granted and not realize. Be mindful of how you are treating yourself and others.

Grateful for my health
I always put myself last. Self Care is a must! Lately, I have been working on my health little by little. Every little change helps!
Grateful for Friends
Quality is better than quantity. I have a few close friends. The ones I do have..I know have my back and help when  I’m in need. I do the same for them.  It is so nice to be able to grab my phone and text my mom friends or message them saying “Hey. I am having a hard time can we talk?”
They always find time out of their day to help me out, give advice, or listen.
Grateful for food and water
I am so thankful for food in my belly and clean water. It is easy to take these for granted. My kid eats by g tube and a dairy-free diet. I realized I was taking food for granted because I didn’t read labels or eat through my belly. It might sound silly. Something that we do every day without thinking and that is an important need, does not come easy for everyone. I wish I could take my son’s place.
Grateful for a roof over my head
Our intermediate family helps my little family out a lot. My mother in law has even given us a place to stay when things do not go as planned.
Grateful for the progress of my son every day
My son amazes me every day. He is in therapy for speech, feeding and occupational therapy. He is meeting his goals and making great progress.
Grateful for the kindness of others
Sometimes I ask for help from others. That is ok. I have found out in these last few years of motherhood that I can not do everything on my own. It is ok to reach out to others. My doctor at my 6 weeks check-up told me to use as much help as I could and do not be afraid to ask.
That I do not need to do this by myself. She said it will be the greatest thing I ever do. She was right. I am thankful for the advice of others.
Grateful for a car to get us from Place to Place
We were in a car accident about a year ago. Our car was in bad shape and not driveable. That was our only car. We got a rental for a little while and we found an awesome place that fixed our car in less than two weeks. We have had bad luck with cars in the past 4 years. The blessing is getting our car back in one piece to go to Dr’s appointments for little E.
Grateful for knowledge
There are so many ways to learn in this day in age. We have the internet, books, videos and much more. My favorite ways to learn are through videos and guides.
Grateful for quality Time
this sounds bad. I actually struggle with this one. Not that I do not love spending time with my kid or husband but it is really hard to be intentional when you are constantly stressed out about something. This one I am really working hard to achieve.
Grateful for naps
I know it is silly. Sleep is so important though. I feel like I can never get enough sleep. Most days I am sleep deprived and burnt out. I need to make sleep more of a priority. That is why on really rough days I love my naps.
Grateful for Support
I am a special needs mom. for those of you who already know that you should also know that support is so important when dealing with constant stress and medical issues on a daily basis. My family, my friends and the doctors who care for my son, I thank you. Some days it is so hard, but with those days it is nice to know I have people who have my back and understand and want to help out.
Thankful for services like occupational and speech therapy

Physical therapy

My son has been in therapy since he was about 8 months old. E was 5 months old when he left the NICU so he was delayed a lot. I was so thankful for the NICU staff and Drs. they took good care of him. He is almost 4 now and is progressing so well. I am thankful for his therapists in many ways. The dedication and patience they show with him make me so happy.

Occupational Therapytreatment focuses on helping people with a physical, sensory, or cognitive disability be as independent as possible in all areas of their lives. If I would have known about occupational therapy before I became a stay at home mom… that would be my career choice. It is amazing what kids learn through play. Amazing work!

Speech Therapy –an intervention service that focuses on improving a child’s speech and abilities to understand and express language, including nonverbal language. My son is very delayed in speech but he is making progress every day. He recently got diagnosed with Autism…

E started saying some words at a year and a half to 2 years… then when he was almost 3 he lost all of it and his behaviors started to change. He also has difficulty eating he was born with his esophagus not attached to his stomach… he deals with reflux and aspiration.

Speech helps with feeding difficulties also. I love what these therapists have done for my son and I am so very thankful these resources exist.

Physical Therapy- E started physical therapy around a year and a half years old. He couldn’t really sit up at that time. he had to be on a pump to feed him for 24 hours a day. It was a really stressful time. I had anxiety about him rolling around or moving and yanking his G tube out. His physical therapist worked with him a lot and by that time we were finally able to talk to his Drs about a better feeding schedule so he could move freely without being attached to feeds all day long. His physical therapist even though we did not see eye to eye on a lot of things … so grateful for him he helped my son sit up and eventually walk.

I am thankful for my son and his laughter and joy

E is such a happy kid. He loves to play peek a boo and hide and seek. Funny faces make him laugh out loud. his laugh is contagious, I  love it! After everything he has been through he is the strongest person I know.

Thankful for the beauty in the world

The world can be a scary place these days. I stop and think about all the beauty in the world and try to get away from all the negative. I love seeing the kindness of others and the kindness of little kids that to me is beautiful. The scenery of the world can be breathtaking. I love sunsets by the ocean and fields of flowers. ok before I break out in song.. it is true there is beauty in everything you just have to stop and look. Colors are my favorite thing ever! I have a very colorful personality and I love showing that with my hair color. Nothing too crazy lately with my hair, but last year I had bright red hair… I  have had purple hair in the past. Stop and look at the beauty around you, I am thankful I can see it all around me.


Thankful for love and kindness

How awesome is it that we get to love so deeply?! To show kindness to others… I know this list gets a little sappy.  This is me. This is how I feel about the people, world, and things around me. I try to show the people around me that I am so thankful for them, that I love them and I always have their back. Friends and family, even strangers I take the time to show kindness. We never know what someone is facing in their lives, we all have bad days but showing kindness is priceless.

Thankful for good times

The good times out way the bad times at least I hope they do. Because it can feel like the bad will last so long that you feel like it can never be good again. It is a tough cycle to go through. Even though the good times seem fleeting I am still thankful.

Thankful for understanding and patience

It can be hard to understand others’ points of view or their lifestyle sometimes. All in all, we really need is some patience and understanding though. You do not have to agree with anyone or their choices but respect should always be your go-to when talking to others.  I rather someone nod and smile at me when they do not agree then make me feel like dirt because they do not agree with me on something. However, if it’s your spouse then we would have to talk it out if it was a big decision type of thing.

Thankful for chocolate

I love chocolate, you guys!  I tried to quit chocolate a few times and I just can’t give it up. Thank you to the person who invented chocolate. Ha! This girl’s best friend is not diamonds its chocolate! Whenever I have a bad day or I’m stressed.. chocolate is my go-to snack. Then all my troubles melt away and so does that chocolate.

Thankful for babysitters

Hey. we all know that momma needs a break sometimes. Although I am very careful who I let take care of my son because he has so many needs but I have a good friend who used to be a nurse and I trust her completely and she has experience with Autism kids and G tubes. My mother in law is super helpful and gives us breaks and date nights! Babysitters are the best!  Shout out to those who give us mommas a break! Thanks, Y’all!



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