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20 Fun Websites For Kids

20 Fun Websites For Kids

20  fun websites for  kids.Teaching a child can be difficult at times. These websites are here to help. Whether your child needs help with math, science, reading, or history there is something for everyone. Make learning fun again! I loved certain subjects in school. One subject I could never grasp is math. If I had someone make math alittle less work and a lot more fun maybe I would have mastered it! There are a lot more educational resources out there these days. Take full advantage of that! If your child is struggling maybe making learning into games is just what they need!


20 websites for kids

Everbright media
These educational products help your child with money, history, rules of the road and the bible.

A book in time
Lots of resources to help with learning History.

20 websites for kids

Science bob
Bob Pflugfelder is a science teacher who created a website filled with fun experiments and videos to educate children with science.

K-12 science education resources and lessons. Created by the American Association for the advancement of science.

Pre-K and up

20 websites for kids

Peep and the big wide world

A fun preschool website to help the littles learn math and science. Through videos and games.

Fun brain

A Pre-K through 8th Grade website full of educational games, books and videos. The focus is reading, math, and problem solving.


Lil fingers story book
This fun site for toddlers has fun stories and videos to enjoy.


A whole website dedicated to Dr. Suess. I loved Dr Suess as a child and now i get to share his fun books with my son. This site has books, activities and printables!


Fun for All

20 websites for kids


Fun website for parents and teachers to find activities for the kids they even have recipes!


Kodable teaches kids about computer programming. Pricing is 29 dollars. They even have an app.
A website that provides information on other safe educational websites for kids.


Cia for kids
You can teach your kid all about the CIA and what they are about. They even have fun puzzles and games to test your skills.


4 knowledge 4 fun
This website is a store filled with educational products ranging from newborn to 14 yrs of age. Learning can be fun!


Duo lingo- learn a language
Help your kid learn a new language. There’s a free app for that!


Brain Pop
Encourage learning through activities, videos and games!


Dogo news
Is a place for kids to brush up on current events, news and non fiction content.


Is a Magazine subscription just for kids. Ranging 3-6 yrs and 6-12 yrs, Could be a great gift for someone.


Kidz page.
This site has fun and all types of learning fun.


Sheppard software
A fun educational site for all ages! Has a ton of educational games. Fun for hours and they learn something new!


Cool Math Games
A website that lets children solve puzzles and play math games. Lets face it some kids struggle with math, this way they are learning and having fun. Math can get pretty boring.

Have you tried any of these websites before? Is there websites you think I Should add? Please Share!

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