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20 Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day(Day 2)

20 Gift Ideas For Moms

Mothers day


Homemade Cards


When I was a little girl my mom told me the only gift she ever wanted from me was a homemade card because she knew I made it with love and just for her.  So break out the glitter and your creative side.

Spa Day


Who doesn’t love a spa day? If you can’t afford a fancy spa day, get some things you know your mom enjoys like bath bombs, new nail polish, essential oils, new bath sponge. Make a little spa basket.

Dinner her choice


There are a few places moms can eat for free on her special day. If you want to stay in why not make her a meal, make her favorite foods.

DIY Dessert


Make her a nice dessert that she loves. Create an ice cream bar with all of her favorite toppings.

New outfit


Moms rarely buy new clothes for themselves, why not get an outfit you know she’d love. Something that she might not buy herself. 

Let Her Choose an activity



Does she like camping? Is she into the outdoors?  Does she like games? Let her know this is her day and just give suggestions she might like.

Surprise mini vacation


You can have a mini getaway without leaving your hometown or state. Why not rent a hotel room and lay by the pool? Do you live close to an amusement park? Stay in a hotel and visit the amusement park or go to a water park. Fun for mom and the whole family!

Get a jar and fill it with notes and candy

Fill the jar with notes on why you appreciate your mom or with memories you have shared together. Fill it with candy or something crafty if your mom likes that kind of thing.

Give her a mom shirt that says something funny or clever


Why not dress up with your mom on funny t-shirts.  Examples include.

Mother of a Princess /Daughter of a Queen

My Bestie calls me mama/my Mama is my Bestie

Best mom ever/Best kid ever


Essential Oils

Essential Oils seem to be all the rage right now. I have yet to get on that trend train. I would like to try them at some point. Do you know a mom who just loves essential oils? Are you on that trend train? Say hint family buy me some for mothers day!

 Get the gift of cleaning. Give yourself or your mom a break. Pay someone to clean the house so she won’t have to.

Wooden sign


Create your own wooden sign for your mom. Or buy a sign with a quote that relates to her.

Art Work


Do you like to be crafty? Why not make some Crafts for Mom or  Paint a Picture? Moms love that stuff!

Homemade jewelry

Make some homemade jewelry with your mom. Fun gift and hobby!


Throw blanket


Who does not love blankets? I used to get a new blanket for Christmas and my Birthday. I love blankets especially really soft ones!

Picture frame with pictures


You can not fail with pictures. There so many options. You can create a card with pictures on them, you can create a coffee mug, you can create photo collages. The List is endless! The two sites I highly recommend is Shutterfly and Walgreens.

Tea set with a variety of teas


Mason Jar Flowers


You can buy mason jar centerpieces or you can create your own style that your mom will love!

Or you could mix and match these gifts into a gift basket!

Let me know what you do for Mother’s Day? Any traditions? Comment below.

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