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16 most common Questions asked about Pinterest

The 16 Most Common Questions Asked About Pinterest


You guys!!  People keep getting into trouble with Pinterest! Are you seeing it too? I see it all of the time.  A ton of people are getting blocked and kicked out of Pinterest.  And all for easily-corrected mistakes! Pinterest is a search engine, people are searching for certain things at certain times.  Your content will be shown when it is needed, here are a few tips to follow and your questions answered to get the best engagement without being spammy.


I keep seeing the same questions about Pinterest over and over again, in FaceBook groups and online.  So I thought I’d put them all together into one place for you.  You are going to want to pin this post and refer back to it every time you have a question!! These are the most-asked questions about Pinterest – use this post to stay on top of your Pinterest game and out of trouble!!


The 16 Most Common Questions Asked About Pinterest



How do I get the most engagement from Pinterest?

Keep your board names simple and to the point.  Fill everything out – the description, the category, and etc.  And make sure you are using long-form pins.


Pro Tip:  An easy way to make sure you are using the right pin length is to use Canva when creating your pins.



Why should you have your landing page on Pinterest…and a pin in your landing page for people to pin it?

Landing pages are used for products or freebies. They are designed to get others to sign up to your email list.  When you have your landing page on Pinterest, it makes it easier for others to sign up for your newsletter, opt-in, offer or freebie.  Create a pin for your landing page so that people can save it for later or share it for others to see.



Do followers matter?

Followers do not matter as far as numbers go.  You need to focus on the engagement of your followers.  If your followers are engaging with your pins, Pinterest sees that and gives your pin more of a ‘push’ to be seen by others.

 If your followers aren’t engaging at all with your pins, then your pins aren’t circulating and that’s kinda bad and hurts you.  Followers are more for engagement. They are the ones who promote your pins.



How do I use SEO on Pinterest and why does it matter?

SEO is your keywords and that’s how everyone finds your pins.  Name your boards with simple names for easy searching. For example, if you have a board about nutrition, then name your board “nutrition”.  You need to do keyword research to see what keywords people are using to search for things. Be descriptive; use full sentences.


Should I use Pinterest group boards, and if so, how many group boards should I be a part of?

If you’re a beginner blogger, it’s good for traffic.  But if you’ve been in the game for a while and you have good traffic, you don’t need them.  You need to focus on your relevant boards, your SEO, and your keywords. But if you are a beginner, it’s good for an up boost of traffic.  Do it then, but don’t rely on it.


Pro Tip:  Use the search algorithm – keep in mind your:


pin quality

 pin without being a spammer



Should I create seasonal boards?

Only if it follows your niche.


How should I pin my own content?

With your own stuff, you should always make it fresh and new.  Always pin from your website – never upload your pins. Re-pinning the same content does nothing for you.  It doesn’t give you more reach.

Pin from your website every time you pin something, even if it’s old.  Pinning from your website makes it new, automatically.

So always always always pin from your website.  Never re-pin your own stuff.


Pro Tip:  Always update your description when you’re re-pinning it from your site because it makes it fresh.  Don’t worry about adding hashtags, because you already put hashtags in it the very first time you pinned it.  They only count when it’s brand new.



Do cover boards matter?

Yes.  Pinterest is a visual site and it makes your site look more professional.  


Pro Tip:  Try different cover boards out; switch them out periodically and see if you get a jump in traffic.  Try to make your cover boards as visually appealing as possible.



What are the most important things to focus on with Pinterest?


Pin Descriptions

Pin Designs


Call to Action on your pins and description



How do hashtags work?

You only put hashtags in your descriptions for your pins, and only in a brand-new pin – content you’ve developed.  Only use three to five hashtags. People use hashtags to find certain things.  


Pro Tip:  There’s no point in updating old pins or old posts with hashtags – it’s not going to do anything.  Only use them with brand new content.



Some people have “read more” on that little grey button to click over to their website, and some people have “make it” or “visit website”.  How does this happen, and can I change the wording?

When you see “visit website”, it means that you’re going to a store.  When you see “read it”, it means it’s an article and you are going to the website to read the article.  “Make it” is for recipes. Pinterest automatically assigns these words to the little grey button.



Should I create my own group board?

If you’re just starting out and you’re trying to get more traffic, then you can create your own group board. Sometimes it’s hard to get added to group boards, so creating your own could be a way to get more traffic.



Should I create my own Tailwind Tribe?

Yes, because it’s yours.  You can set your own rules and people that are in the tribe will see your content automatically.  It’s like your own little community, just like a FaceBook group. So you can set your own limits and your own rules.  It gives you more ways to get traffic.



How do I schedule my pins on Pinterest, without using an app or a scheduling program?

If you don’t have a scheduling tool, Pinterest has its own scheduling tool.  It works for brand new pins. You have to upload your pin every time and do it that way.  You can keep a tracker and write everything down.


Pro Tip:

 UTC is midnight in Pinterest time.  Midnight is when Pinterest’s algorithm starts.  So it is the beginning of a new day and it is the best time to get your pins in front of people.  You want to convert midnight UTC to your time. So for me, midnight UTC would be three in the morning.  You want to use this as a reference when you are scheduling your pins.



What are some common misconceptions about Pinterest?

One common misconception is that you have to pin daily.

That you have to pin 100 times a day to get anywhere. I see this and I ignore those bloggers and do not share their stuff. Someone put out there that you need to do that. But it’s a myth.

 It’s spammy.  You don’t have to pin every day, but you do have to be consistent. 




People think the higher number of followers, the more traffic you have.  

No, no, no.  That’s not how it works!

It’s all about the engagement of your followers.  Not the number.


 The Rules of Five.  

Your content spread out with 5 different posts throughout the day and the rest is for other content creators… this is no longer true  

Yeah….that rule is out.  It’s not relevant anymore.  

Spread your content out use different boards, pins and descriptions for the same blog post.


How do I decide what should go in my Pinterest profile title?

It has to do with your niche.  In your title, you should have what you do and what you offer.  Go into more detail in your profile description. But in your title, you should have your first name, and then what you blog about.  Keywords help others find you, use complete sentences.

Running a business can get a little overwhelming without plans, organization and a lot of patience!  The same goes for running a business on Pinterest.

Pinterest can be overwhelming

You need to always stay on top of what the latest rules, regulations, and techniques are for pinning.  You don’t want to be spammy and you don’t want to get blocked from Pinterest!

Pinterest is the best way to get organic traffic to your blog.  If done right, it can exponentially grow your business!!

For more tips on using Pinterest for your business, check out this post – How to Organize Your Pinterest for Business.  

Pin It!


And as always, leave any questions in the comments below!!  I’d love to help you out and keep you active (and safe!) on Pinterest!


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