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15 Songs to get your day off to a good start!


Music has been known to change moods. There is such a thing as music therapy and it helps patients feel better.

 Music helps with mental, emotional, and behavorial issues. I know when I am feeling down, stressed, or overwhelmed; I throw on some music and I feel so much better.
I have noticed I am more focused when I have music in the background. I am listening to it right now. I feel so calm and in the zone with music. No matter what your favorite type of music is.. are you ready to listen? How do you feel when you can just listen for those few minutes.. to be able to enjoy your favorite song?

Can’t Stop the feeling: Justin Timberlake (2016)

If you have kids you have probably seen the movie Trolls… am I right? It was pretty cute, well this song was on there. It is upbeat and gets you dancing! Dancing is great exercise!

Fight song: Rachel Platten (2014)

This is such an inspirational song. When I am not feeling myself and just feel defeated I put this song on and it just helps me get out of my head and think
” I can do this!”

Aint No Mountain High Enough: Marvin Gaye Tammi Terell(1967)

I have loved this song since Step Mom. Such an uplifting song. Gets me in such a good mood!

Bubbly: Colbie Caillet(2007)

This song makes you feel bubbly. So sweet and calming. You can feel the warmth listening to this song.

Ive had the time of my life: Bill Medley Jennifer Warnes(1987)

Any Dirty Dancing fans? A classic can I get an applause?

Girls just want to have fun: cyndie lauper(1983)

Another Classic. Dance. Dance. Dance.

Brave: Sara Barellies(2013)

Brave is such a powerful song. If you are worried about anything or need some inspiration listen to this song! Promise it is life changing.

Bullet proof: La Roux(2009)

Bullet Proof is a fun song to dance to. You could say it’s inspirational. Do you have those days you feel bullet proof?

Put Your Records On:
Corrine Baily Rae(2006)

Much needed song when you are having a rough day. Happy Song… very mellow and calming.

Uncle Cracker: Smile (2009)

You want to smile with this song. why not? It’s in the title!

American Authors: Best Day of My Life (2014)

Have the best day of your life.. while listening to American Authors.

Feel It Still: Portugal Man(2017)

Warning: song will get stuck in your head. Thanks to a commercial that plays it all day long!

Journey: Dont Stop believing (1981)

Another classic. I sense a theme. There are a lot of inspirational songs in this list. What songs inspire you?

Phillip Phillip gone gone gone (2012)

I just love his voice. Very soothing.

Stand by me Ben e King(1962)

Iconic song! If this doesn’t uplift your mood I don’t know what will.
15 amazing songs to add to your playlist. To make you feel happy and ready for anything that comes your way! What songs would you add to the playlist?

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