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15 ways to Teach your Preschooler the Alphabet

15 Ways to Teach Your Preschooler the Alphabet

15 ways to teach your child the alphabet

 15 ways to teach your child the alphabet. When it comes to learning the alphabet I do not go in order. For example, I want my child to learn his name first and how to write it before I do the whole alphabet.

This seems more natural to me. Secondly, when I teach my son I try not to spend too much time looking at milestones and compare what he’s doing with what others are doing.

“Naturally we want what is best for our child”

I set up the best environment for learning for my toddler. Finding new ways to teach my son is super fun for me.  I love watching him play and learn, it makes my heart happy.

Finally, here are 15 ways to teach your child the Alphabet.

Name Puzzles

Create your own name puzzle. Or buy a customized name puzzle.

Sticker name

Get some stickers and have your child decorate their name on a piece of paper.

Create letters out of objects around the house

Use paper, leaves, cotton balls, pom poms, newspaper, magazine cut-outs, and much more.

Paint the alphabet

For a mess-free paint idea put the paper with a letter in a Ziploc and a few drops of paint.

ABC scavenger hunt

Hide letters around the house or outside

What’s not to like about an ABC  scavenger hunt? In fact, you can create your own letters and hide them around the house or yard..or use Letter Mats.

Ice Block play ABC

Put letters inside the ice tray and freeze them

Silicone ABC trays

Buy a silicone ABC tray. Create fun colorful letters for snacks and play.

Name Crafts

Create name crafts. Write a child’s name on a big sheet of paper, then find objects like stickers or cereal for sensory and fine motor play. Have them decorate their name.


Tape Your Name

Another fun activity to try is to draw their name with tape. Or you can Paint around the tape and peel it off to create a name masterpiece!


Create different seasons with your name art









Alphabet collage

Another fun way to make art is collages. For example, you can use magazine or newspaper clippings. You can get alphabet made out of wood to decorate or you can create letters out of cardboard.


Alphabet matching game

In addition to Arts and crafts, my son is learning all about matching similar objects.  Matching is so fun there are so many different variations you can use such as numbers, letters, clothing items… food items, and more.

ABC book

Create your own alphabet book. A is for apple. Or it could be your child’s favorite things in the book. You can Read Alphabet books.


Fine Motor Play-Doh ABCs 

Get a few straws and play-doh. The kids can create letters by sticking the straw in the Play-Doh.

Sing  songs

Youtube has a ton of ABC songs for all ages. Singing is a great tool to help preschoolers learn.

To sum up, what I have said, here is a list of activities to teach your child the ABCs

  1. Buy a name puzzle
  2.  Create sticker names
  3. Make letters out of objects
  4. Paint Letters
  5.  ABC Scavenger Hunt
  6.  Ice Block ABCs
  7. Silicon ABC trays
  8. ABC name Crafts
  9. Alphabet Collage
  10. Match ABC Game
  11. Alphabet Books
  12. Fine Motor ABC play
  13. Sing the Alphabet song
  14. Different season Alphabet art
  15. Create your name out of tape

15 Ways to teach the ABCS

All in All, I hope you enjoyed 15 ways to teach your child the ABCs. For more learning ideas go here. Comment below let me know your favorite Alphabet activities. 

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