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10 ways to use Google and Pinterest in your business

How to Use Pinterest and Google Search Efficiently

10 ways to use Google and Pinterest in your business. Google is the number one search engine in the world. Who hasn’t heard of Google? It would be awesome to work there.. they have nap pods! Anyways I am going to show you some tips on how to get better search results with Pinterest and Google. Let’s get started!


Google Tips


Trying to find related articles or research for your blog topic .. Type in Related: and then the topic what you’re researching. Google will only show relatable content to that certain topic.

Or type in related: then the website name and it will give you sites like the one you chose. For example Related: it brings up other Podcast sites like iheartradio.. it has podcasts.


Try using hashtags


Hashtags are very popular these days. It is not just for Twitter and Instagram anymore. Google and Pinterest use them too.


Stop words

Research on google and Pinterest

So, if you are new to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Stop words are words that search engines exclude from your search. so, if you want to narrow your search and need that stop word to be part of your search add the + sign to your search. Make sure you add it before the word you want to add for example “How” is an example of a stop word and a word Google excludes from your search. To add How to your search, add “+ How” Then there you go now you can add the words and your searches will come up with related content with those stop words.



Google and Pinterest Research

When you are researching anything from comparing baby products to your next writing assignment, keywords are so important.

After you brainstorm your topics and subtopics, think about all the questions you would ask about the topic? Or google what other people are asking about your topics… go to Facebook groups, see what people are asking about the topics you are interested in.

This is a really important step.


Pinterest Tips

Research using google and PinterestPhoto by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels

Be consistent

Have a plan of what you are going to pin and when.

Pinterest likes fresh content, by going to your website or someone else’s and pinning straight from the website .. Pinterest sees that as new content.


Stay relevant to your brand and business.

If you are a food blogger stick to food boards, kitchen boards… things like that. If you are a multi-niche blog stick to those topics. Say you have an organization, Time management, and Pregnancy blog. Create boards around those topics.


Group boards

Group boards can be helpful if used correctly. You do not want to go and join every single group board you can think of. Group boards are boards where there are multiple people who collab with each other and share their content.


Be picky

Stay within your niche, the free for all boards do not rank as well. Try to pick boards that are 100 people or below. No one likes spam and if it is an active board you could get kicked out. Follow the rules.


Do you have tailwind?

Tailwind is a scheduler for Pinterest Pins.  They have a free trial or you can schedule pins right from Pinterest…

Pinterest has a schedule later option when you go to create a pin…So that is another way to schedule pins without Tailwind.



Keywords are so important whether you are using Google or Pinterest. Make sure you sign up for analytics.

Get a Pinterest Business page and Google analytics

Analytics tells you what your audience is engaged in and what they are clicking and sharing the most.


Spend some time

 Spend time looking up keywords on Google and Pinterest. For example, Work at home mom tips, Activities for Preschoolers… See what pops up the most. Remember if you use the + after your search it narrows down topics to the exact topic you are looking for. It is a Game Changer!

Pinterest is not an overnight success it takes time and effort. If you feel overwhelmed and can’t do it on your own… Hop on a free call with me! I can help you out!


How to get More tips

Sites to Read


All in all, there are a ton of strategies out there… through trial and error, you’ll find the right one for you. Stick with it! For more tips on Pinterest Join Me Here.

Comment below if this has been helpful! Thank you!

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